2007 was both the best and worst year you could ever imagine. OK, so definitely not the worst year ever, but at the same time I feel kind of shitty that I didn’t suck it up and accomplish the two biggest things on my list. I’m still living with the parents and I’m still single 🙁 Other than that though I had one of the most amazingly awesome years you could ever imagine! Thank you so much to everyone who helped make my year so sweet! Highlights definitely include Nadia and Bryan’s wedding, the Illinois road trip, Warped Tour exhibit at the Rock Hall, the Krystal Square Off, meeting Kurt Halsey (and him recognizing me!), and meeting Pat Bertoletti (and him remembering me!). Oh! And the Kwik-e-Mart…and my birthday…and skiing…and cicadas…and well…I guess a whole lot more!

Despite the fact that this year I also completed my masters in writing, I think i probably can sum up the year best in the 10,328 photos I took…

(Don’t worry, I didn’t really post here all 10,328 photos. But sorry they go so fast, I had too many!)

For those brave ones, below the cut is a recap of my “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” 100 in 2007!!!