My 27th birthday party at Uptown Lounge in Chicago, Illinois.

Val turns 22+5 (My 27th Birthday)

My 27th birthday party at Chocolate for Your Body, Volo Wine Bar, Skinprov, and Uptown Lounge.

Yesterday I turned 22 (+5). OK, OK fine. I turned 27. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate my 27th birthday with me!!! It was definitely a day filled with the three things a woman wants most: chocolate, wine, and naked men!!! Here’s how I spent my birthday…


Chocolate Manicures at Chocolate for Your Body Chocolate Spa

In the afternoon Nadia and I met at Chocolate for Your Body. It’s a chocolate spa. Seriously. They specialize in spa treatments made from the greatest food on earth.

I was excited to get what was only my second manicure ever. Nadia got a regular manicure and I splurged on a “chocolate signature manicure”. It’s my party, I can splurge if I want to!

The chocolate manicure involved a cocoa scrub that made my hands nice and soft (and tasty I can assume), truffles (to eat, not for my hands), and coating my hands with a layer of chocolate.

Chocolate signature manicure from Chocolate for Your Body Spa in Chicago, Illinois. Celebrating my 27th birthday.

After getting our nails all pretty Nad and I headed next door to Kristoffer’s Café and Bakery for some more chocolate: chocolate flan and a mocha. It was a cute place and our snacks were quite delicious.


Dinner and Wine at Volo Restaurant and Wine Bar

After gussying up our nails and caffeinating ourselves, Nad and headed over to Jen’s place. In the time it took to walk from the car to her place, walk down the wrong pathway and get locked in the alley, I seriously felt like my hands were going to fall off (it was so cold outside). Luckily we finally found the way in to thaw off. Then Josh called and apparently the bar lost my reservation for 15. Fuck. Isla came and drove us to the bar and they were working on setting up our table. Thankfully they were still able to accommodate us.

My 27th birthday party at Volo wine bar in Chicago, Illinois.

We had my 27th birthday party at Volo Restaurant and Wine Bar and it was delicious. We had good wine, good food, good friends…

I tried some marrow bones and will never ever eat them again. Honestly, I really think all those chefs pretend they like such things to be all pretentious. But how can anyone like bone marrow? It had the texture of sandy snot and tasted horrible. On a better note the steak tartar was DEVINE and the duck confit was DEVINE as well. Josh and I also shared some Seared Yellowtail Tataki, but we still haven’t decided what kind of citrus was pickled.

Bone marrow at Volo wine bar at my 27th birthday party.

15 people showed up to celebrate me turning 27, which was totally awesome. Sarah came and, despite the fact that she hardly knows me, she completely gets me because she gave me a pink sparkly dragonfly and a Victoria’s Secret gift card (pink, dragonflies, and VS are three of my very favorite things). Chelsa from work came and brought a friend. Rob and Chris and Aimee showed up despite having to be at a party in Milwaukee later that night. Meredith and Isla and Jen and Alina and Jenny and Adam and Nadia and Josh came too!!! Jen gave me a cute Smurfette tee and a pink candleholder. And Nadia gave me what she described as a “lame” present of a candleholder. It totally wasn’t lame! But she said it was my fake present because my real one, a pink Rabbit wine opener, didn’t arrive yet…In talking about this some people overheard pink rabbit and assumed it was something else…

Josh showed me what he really thinks of me by getting me a bottle of Bitch wine.

Me with a bottle of Bitch Wine on my 27th birthday.

The label is PINK and, well, I am a bitch, so it’s only appropriate….

Honestly I did not expect anything from anyone, I was just happy people came out during the zero degree weather!!!

My wine was yummy too. I was bad and ordered white wine then proceeded to order a lot of red meat. But ohwellz. I had a lovely white wine flight. Then I had a Gewurtztraminer. Later I also had a yummy muscado d’asti.

They brought me a yummyyummy flourless chocolate cake with mint ice cream and everyone sang and I got to make a wish on my candle, which is always my favorite part, because I wish on just about everything you can wish on.

My 27th birthday party at Volo wine bar in Chicago, Illinois.


Naked Men at Skinprov at the Annoyance Theatre

After the wine bar I bid adieu to a few of my female friends and all of the few guys left and the remaining chicas headed to Annoyance Theatre. We hung out at the bar there and played the game of Memory that I found on the shelf. Did I ever mention how much I suck at Memory? Ask me exactly what a certain person said to me at a certain time five years ago and I can probably repeat our conversation word for word. Ask me to remember where the little black sheep is and I go blank.

Playing Memory at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago Illinois for my 27th birthday party.

After a couple rousing rounds we headed into the theatre for the main event SKINPROV. Skinprov is a naked improv show and, if you ask me, the perfect night of entertainment to get your mind off of the fact that your best guy friends all ditched you for another party and none of them even bothered to call to wish you a happy birthday.

But who cares about that when you’ve got drinks and half-naked men!!!

We beat the rest of the crowd into the theatre for prime first row seating. The show was basically a bunch of men improving scenes and taking off all their clothes. They ended the first scene by all taking off their shirts. A couple short scenes later they paired up for small scenes that each ended with “Let’s take off our pants.” By the end of the show (and some taking off multiple pairs of underwear) we were left with g-stringed and jock-strapped men and a whole lotta naked man ass.

Me with the cast of Skinprov at the Annoyance Theatre for my 27th birthday party.

After the show we headed back out to the Annoyance bar to talk with the guys, still walking around shirtless. They got me a couple of shots and I ended up having both a buttery nipple and a pussy shot on them. The one naked man told us that he’d sucked more cock than anyone else there…and then introduced us to his lovely girlfriend.

We stuck around until they closed, drank some drinks, chatted up the bartenders, then headed off to Uptown Lounge…mostly because it was just around the corner and fucking freezing so we didn’t want to go too far.

The bar definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. Mostly because I hate talking to people I have absolutely no interest in. And because every three minutes the waitress came up and asked us if we needed anything else. We stayed out till about 4:30, well past the text message the guys sent to say their party was over.

My 27th birthday party at Uptown Lounge in Chicago, Illinois.

All in all my party was totally awesome and I am so happy that everyone came who did! I have tons of amazing friends and I am glad they came out to share my night of turning 22+5 (OK OK fine, turning 27)!!!


More photos from my 27th birthday party:

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  • heather
    January 21, 2008at8:27 am

    sorry i couldn’t go. i’ll be up next weekend, sickness and all!

  • Sarah
    January 21, 2008at8:09 pm

    You mean you didn’t take any pictures of cute bartender Tyler (Taylor?) with his fluffy hair? I was too busy being accosted by George to snap any good pictures…we’ll just have to go back 😛

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