Me and Heather scared of heights at the top of the Sears Tower.

On Top of the World at the Sears Tower

What do you get when you put two scaredy cats on top of the Sears Tower, the tallest building in the United States???

Me and Heather scared of heights at the top of the Sears Tower.

A bit over a year ago I was in Austria talking to CanadiaJason(eh) and he was asking me about Chicago and where I have and haven’t been. He brought up the point that we never really do the touristy things that our cities are known for. I’ve been to the Sears Tower before, but not since I was probably eight or so.

Heather has never been to the Sears Tower at all, so, since she was in town, Emily, Heather, and I headed to the top. It was really fun…except for having to wait in 50 different lines and the penny pressing machine eating my fifty-one cents. But Chicago looks so different (and equally as awesome) from above. It also wasn’t nearly as scary as I remember it being. 🙂

Afterwards we headed over to Macys and Michigan Avenue for some shopping. At the Macys FAO Schwartz we discovered “Giant Microbes”…So everyone expect me to give you herpes or mad cow or lyme disease for Christmas.

We found burgers at some little local bar because they didn’t have a line. We visited Heather’s coat and my ring. Then we headed back to Emily’s to watch Monster Squad and chillax (and learn Heather’s trying on clothes song) before grabbing sushi at Wakamono where I discovered I love sushi if it is good sushi (coughnomoretakingmetocrappyplacesjoshcough). They gave us a free appetizer of inari – we had no idea what it was but it was of the tastiest things I have ever had…turns out its a pocket of deep fried tofu stuffed with rice, it’s really sweet and really tasty. I got a soft-shell crab maki and it was amazingly good. Half of the pieces were like normal sushi, and the other half had the tentacles all poking up, which made for a quite amusing experience of trying to stuff the whole thing in my mouth, because once it was in I had very little room to chew.

Then we headed over to the Schoolyard to catch the end of the Illini Game (we won!). We met up with Emily’s coworker who, surprisesurprise, happened to be friends of friends with John. Small world…but I guess being in an Illini bar it’s not soooo crazy to run into people you know. Once the game was over the bar cleared out a bit and we watched crazy extreme sports, sang out loud to Bon Jovi (twice), and tried to avoid having a dance off with some old guy who didn’t understand what a dance off was. Emily and Heather’s friend Adam joined us…hilarity ensued.

I called it a night around 2:30, but then in the cab back to my car had the most confusing moment ever when I looked at my phone and it said it was 1:30, and I swore it was later and felt lame. Then I got to my car and saw that it was 2:30 on my car. And then I finally realized that there was a damn time change. This upset me because time changes are my favorite moments of the year. There is no more surreal feeling than watching a clock go from 1:59 to 1. And I missed it. But who really cares?

More photos from going to the top of the Sears Tower:


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  • Rob Montague
    November 5, 2007at9:21 am

    If you’d like to go… Chris and I go almost every week to this sushi place up by us. It’s really pretty good 🙂
    We should hang sometime soon! I’m not free this weekend, but I think I may be able to do something the weekend after!

  • heather
    November 5, 2007at6:56 pm

    you took a picture of our blue screen picture?
    and apparently i’m sunburnt in one of the pictures.

  • val
    November 5, 2007at7:03 pm

    Rob – yes! sushi! chris! i see none of you people since my scotty left us (tears)
    heather – they emailed me an order form for the pic and I just did a print screen of it…you were in the bathroom when we added our email addresses 🙂

  • Anonymous
    November 30, 2007at6:27 pm

    no Jen joined you later as well? 😉

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