Me and Kurt Halsey at the Kurt Halsey art show at DVA Gallery in Chicago.

Day with the boys. (CharlieD, Scott, and Kurt Halsey)

My day on Saturday ended up with me putting 180 miles on my car without leaving a 20-mile radius of my house, seeing people I haven’t seen in a while, people I’ve never met before, and someone I know I won’t see again for a long time…



Me and Charlie at Benton House Meme festival in Chicago.

First up was the Benton House Meme festival to see Mr. CharlieD. I haven’t seen Charlie in a while (after not seeing him in a ridiculously long while) so when he said he was showing some of his art at Bosley Park, I was there.

I headed over there around 11:30…When I got there it looked kind of empty and small, and I thought maybe I got the time wrong and got there while they were still setting up, but it was just a very small festival.

There was some live music and a puppet show and a few artists. And I talked to Charlie and Jeff and force-fed Charlie a Twinkie because he was hungry. And then the puppet show booth collapsed and while I was worried and crying that the puppets were still inside and might have died, Charlie was hoping they did… 🙁 Meanie.



Me and Scott at his going away party.

Around 2 I had to leave because it was time for the Whatever Annual Scott and Ken BBQ. I got to the yK house (home of MattyK, BobbyK, and ChrissyK) a few after 3 (I tried my damndest to be late) and KarryK opened the door…

Kari: Mathew’s not here
Me: I know…is Scott here?
Kari: Scott?
Me: He said that he’s having a bbq here.
Kari: Oh, yeah, I just found out about that.

So I arrived to the house and Kari was the only one there and hadn’t even known that there was going to be a bbq thrown by people who don’t live at that house at that house. Oh wells. So I called up Scott and he was on his way and chatted with Kari who just got her license but does not yet own two cars (she must be adopted).

Scott finally came (yay!) and then KennyK (who doesn’t actually live at the yK house) and Becca…then Andy and Rob and Cynthia and her boyfriend who I always forget his name when I sit down to type.

Scotty is leaving today to live in Seattle, so it was his going away party. 🙁 Tears.

The BBQ was super fun, but alas I had to leave after a few hours (and NO BBQ!) and head back to the city…


Kurt Halsey

Me and Kurt Halsey at the Kurt Halsey art show at DVA Gallery in Chicago.

I’ve been a fan of Kurt Halsey for about two years. I love his art (see the see the picture he drew of me after I won a LiveJournal redesign contest for his fan community). It’s not necessarily “complex” work, but it’s cute and emotional, and pretty much sums me up as a person (so I guess by that theory it is way too complex…). So, when about a year ago, I found out that he was going to be showing at a gallery in Chicago, I marked my calendar right away.

I’ve passed by the DVA Gallery in Lincoln Park a few times before but had never been in. But now I braved hectic Bears traffic and Lincoln Park parking (I actually found a plum spot just two blocks down the street!!!) and headed for DVA Gallery.

When I got to the Kurt Halsey art showI heard that Kurt’s plane had just landed and that he’d be there shortly. It gave me some time to wander, mingle, and check out the art!

It was a 2-person show with Kurt and Julie West I loved the Kurt work (fortunately, as I cannot afford it, there was nothing I felt I needed to buy…and as much as I kind of wanted to…I didn’t want to buy something just to have it). It was really interesting to see it all so close and in person. You notice so much more detail and can read the words and really see the line work.

Finally Kurt arrived and attracted himself a nice crowd. I waited in line to meet him. He recognized me! I had sent him pics when he drew me and it was awesome that he remembered me from those! It was awesome to meet him in person and he seemed smaller and quieter than I expected him to be. I didn’t bring anything with me but he was nice enough to sign a postcard and take a picture. H really is a great artist and a great guy who is so nice to his fans. It was great to meet him and check out his work up close!

Since I was heading back to the burbs anyways I offered up a ride to a girl I met since she lived in Downers (and when I asked she told me she was not an ax murdered…it’s always good to check these things out)…


Scott (again)

Since I was then already in Downers I called up Scott and he said they were still at the yK house so I headed back there to catch the end of the Bears game (which wasn’t even a real game…)

Afterwards we played some guitar hero…

Me (trying to adjust the strap on the guitar): I can never figure these things out. Am I making the strap shorter or longer?
Rob: But isn’t that how bra straps work?
Me: Yes, and that is why my bra is always either way too loose or way too tight.

I did OK on my easy version on Cherry Pie with Rob…then later I went with ChrissyK (after he showed me that I was holding the guitar all wrong) and totally sucked it up. We were playing some song called Jessica (which apparently is the theme song to Top Gear?) and for the first part of it he was carrying the entire song because I missed almost every note and the game finally stopped us completely…twice. After that I was kicked out and KennyK took over for me. But then I went back and did Chris (semi-)proud by at least getting through the next two songs 🙂

Then everyone started leaving and Scott started gaming, so it was time to go home.

On the way home I managed to totally get lost (I wasn’t paying attention and thought the I55N entrance was the S entrance and didn’t feel like turning around, so I just continued on random streets until I finally hit the street I needed), heard a dance remix of Hey There Delilah, and almost hit a deer.

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  • Tiffany
    August 26, 2007at9:32 pm

    I was wondering if I could put on my flickr account copies of your two photos of “(Untitled) Bodies Betrayed”? 🙂

  • Anonymous
    August 26, 2007at9:33 pm

    Oh, my email address is inprimis7 at yahoo dot com 🙂 (I found you via your post on the livejournal community)

  • Rob Montague
    August 27, 2007at9:03 am

    I’ve been Quoted!!! Yay!
    It was great seeing you. We need to do that more often!

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