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The worst gingerbread house ever made.

Worst. Gingerbread. Ever.

I think I am in contention for the worst gingerbread house ever made.

The worst gingerbread house ever made.

See, I lack the two qualities necessary to succeed in the gingerbread house making world: patience and precision. My dough was too crumbly. I didn’t bother to try to make even, straight pieces. I didn’t bother trying to make a slanted roof. I burnt the gingerbread. The icing was too runny.

The melted Jolly Rancher windows came out surprisingly nicely.

Trying to put my gingerbread house together I just kind of held the pieces in place and dumped as much frosting as possible over it in hopes that something would stick.

I just spent my entire day on this damn thing because the weather is too crappy to go anywhere and someone cancelled the ski trip I was supposed to be on right now.

If this thing survives until tomorrow I might try to decorate. Might.

Stay tuned for gingerbread watch 2007…

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  • Walter
    December 18, 2007 at 12:09 am

    Looks like the end of Ghostbusters

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