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Road tripping is the best way to see the United States. Behind the wheel of a car you have the flexibility to go wherever you want, stop wherever you want,  and see whatever you want. For me, what I often want to see are roadside attractions: those quirky things that draw you off the highway and into small towns. The world’s largest pecan, a giant rotating ear of corn, an ATM shaped like a horse and buggy. Those sort of things. Quirky entities that that might make you wonder “who put that there,” “where did that come from,” “what were they thinking?”

Of course, plane trips and train trips and bus trips and big cities are good too.

Featured Road Trips

Need road trip inspiration? Whether you want to drive near or far, get off the beaten path or stay on the highway, see the world’s biggest or the world’s smallest, check out these featured road trips for stories from the open road.

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West coast to east coast. Midwest to the south. Explore adventures from all the U.S. states.