Adrian Morgan | Ribmania Ribs Eating Contest at Ribfest Chicago


In a week I leave for a long Fourth of July weekend in New York. If you know me at all or if you’ve followed my blog even remotely closely, you can probably guess the primary purpose for the trip: the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest.

It will be my seventh time at the contest since 2008, including that one time I actually managed to eat on the big stage. This year I’ll be in the press box, though there’s a huge part of me that wishes I would be eating. I thought hard about trying to earn a spot again, I wanted to try, but I couldn’t afford to go to travel to any of the qualifiers. Plus, let’s face it, I kind of really suck at competitive eating.

There also was a big part of me that wished I could have eaten again at the Ribmania ribs eating contest at Ribfest Chicago last weekend. But, again, I kind of really suck. And because I kind of really suck I was wait listed, twice removed, so two people would have had to have dropped out for me to compete.

And I wouldn’t have wanted anyone there to drop out.

After all, amongst the eaters on stage, Miki Sudo won the contest two years in a row, Michelle Lesco was the reigning champion, and Adrian Morgan took home the trophy.

And I got to take photos from below. Where I’m probably more at home.



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