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Chicago Skyline

In June I…

Chicago Skyline


Went to a bonfire at Promontory Point in Hyde Park.


Went to Maifest and Do Division festivals.


Pasta, wine, and The Bachelorette.

Watched a lot of The Bachelorette. (And seriously, why has no one ever greeted me for a date with a boy band serenade? Or picked me up on a unicorn? Or taken me on a date to Argentina?)


Farmers Market

Went to the farmers market and bought vegetables coughbutreallycookiescough.


Travel Massive

Went to a Travel Massive event and met Mount Rushmore’s George Washington.



Made kolaczki for a work pot luck.


Saw the Ribfest ribs eating contest…and the amateur ribs eating contest the day before.


Taco in a Bag

Sold some Taco in a Bag.


Maggie's first birthday party.

Celebrated Maggie’s first birthday.


Took a nice little ten-mile walk along Lake Michigan…



and ended up super sunburnt…


Softball in Grant Park

Softball in Grant Park

Played softball a few times…and, in news that will come as a shock to everyone, we actually won a playoff game! (Of course, I won’t be here for the next playoff game…they probably have a better shot without me though.)


Bring your dog to work day.

Celebrated Take Your Dog to Work Day by playing with all the doggies.


Chicago Skyline

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How was your June?

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    I found your site, and I think you’re amazing! That’s it. I promise I’m not spam; I’m an actual human being that thinks those things. Just thought I’d say it. All the best!

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