Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.

Last night was…

Summer Slam!

Roller Derby! I made Jen come with me to see the Windy City Rollers roller derby because no one else was free 🙁 It’s a totally awesome sport in which a bunch of chicks who from a far look so tiny and young but look like tough women in the program skate around in a circle trying to score points and knock each other out. One of the girls scored two twelve pointers, which means she had to skate around and pass the pack fully twice and made it around again to score a few more.

I keep thinking I want to do it myself…and then someone gets injured and I give up my dreams. All the skaters have wicked names like “Ava Sectomy” and “Lucy Furr” If I was a skater I think my name should be Pinky Swear and I’d wear hot pink skates. One of the girls had really cute lime green skates. Yeah, I’m a dork like that who covets skates.

I took a couple of pictures, but they didn’t turn out that well, ’cause I didn’t want to bother others with my flash…

Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.

Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.

Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.

Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.

Summer Slam Windy City Rollers Roller Derby bout.


Summer Meat!

After the derby we headed over to the Parts and Labor Collective’s show where my friend CharlieD was showing some art. I wish I had a picture of his painting called “fin planning” to show to MK. The art show was held in some guy’s loft apartment space and all the work was pretty amazing. I especially liked (besides CharlieD’s of course) this mixed media painting with maps and some mounted books where the pages were bent and coming from the book (sorry for my complete lack of art terminology and being able to explain anything coherently). They also had meat and if you brought your own they would grill it for you. 🙂 I also had a mini high school reunion because Jeff and Aaron were both there – more peeps I haven’t seen since 1999. Everyone kind of assumed I was a dancer or something, which was weird. I probably should be.


Summer Heat!

Next it was on to the third un-air conditioned in 80 degree weather locale. It was another apartment in the same building where an after party was going on. I got to talk with CD for a bit and I ran into Nadia’s sister. Kind of funny because Nad had dropped her off but decided she didn’t want to go with. Not much else ’cause I’m not really a go to a random party and party all night kind of gal. So when CD left shortly after, Jen and I bailed as well. But I’m happy I got to talk to Charlie because he was busy on meat and/or door duty through a lot of his show.

Fun night, fun night indeed.

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