Summerdance at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.

On dancing.

1. SummerDance

Tonight I went to SummerDance at Grant Park. It’s totally awesome. An hour of dance lessons followed by 2 hours of a live swing band all outdoors. Can’t beat it. Tonight was East Coast Swing and the Thomas Gunther Jazz Band. Sweetsweetsweet. Of course, I had to go all by myself because no one would go with me 🙁

I’ve determined that there are guys who have no clue what they’re doing, guys who think they know what they’re doing, guys who know how to dance but can’t lead, and maybe one or two guys in the world who can actually dance AND lead. I’m not saying the others aren’t fun, but to really be able to dance, you have to be able to lead the girl. Most guys just don’t understand that.

Anyways, while doing the class I danced for a bit with a guy I shall forever refer to as adoraboy because he was quite possibly the most genuinely cutest boy I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, he was there with a girl and I never saw him after that. I did dance with a few boys and a few old men, and a few people who need to invest in some serious deodorant.

Most of the people really didn’t know how to dance, or couldn’t keep rhythm, or made me dizzy sick by just going around in circles…but it ’twas fun none the less. The band played one salsa number, and this guy asked me to dance. I said I didn’t know much salsa and he said he didn’t either, then he proceeded to do some weird not-quite salsa/swing/lindy/mambo/foxtrot that involved everything and nothing. I just went with it though. Dancings supposed to be fun, not technical.

There was probably only one guy who knew how to dance and lead very well. And there was this other guy who I danced with last who I just totally let loose and we were fucking awesome.

Too bad most of these guys were like 50 or something.

Can’t wait ’till the next one I can go to!

Anyone up for salsa on the 28th??? or Transylvanian folk on July 5? (seriously, that’s on the roster!)

Summerdance at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.


2. So You Think You Can Dance

I’ve been watching this show and it’s probably one of the best of reality that’s on right now. This dance was fucking amazing and makes me want to be a dancer and therefore makes me cry:

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  • Jen
    June 16, 2007at1:09 am

    If you are ever near Champaign on a Thursday there are some pretty solid swing and lindy leads down here.

  • dragonbane
    June 16, 2007at6:39 pm

    “to really be able to dance, you have to be able to lead te girl. Most guys just don’t understand that.”
    Well consider that in the last 20-25 years or so, there has been a solid movement towards independent women who don’t WANT to be led, and then wonder in amazement at the few guys left who are willing to try anyway. 😛

  • val
    June 17, 2007at1:01 am

    bah, and it’s things like that that further prove why I’m against womens lib.

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