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Pink cake with sprinkles.

The following takes place between Saturday and Monday.

Saturday afternoon was…
Coffee at Julius Meinl.
Brunch at Southport Grocery.
Hash with mushrooms and eggs and sour cream.
I picked around the peppers.
Waiting forever for the check and being told that we just had to go up front.
Even though they brought a check to the people next to us.
We swear.
Buying pink sprinkles.
A giant blow up of a drunk guy drinking beer at Kinkos.

Hash at Southport Grocery

Southport Grocery

Southport Grocery


Saturday night was…
Ron’s birthday party.
Rum and cokes.
Ron taking a piece of cake with no fanfare.
Ron’s tongue turning blue.
A guy telling me the same story about his nickname three times in ten minutes without realizing it.
A guy throwing up and using my coat as a blanket.

Superman cake for ROn's birthday

Ron's Birthday


Sunday night was…
24 premiere!
Veggie lasagna.
Putting together the sky.
Jack wielding an Ax!

Doing a puzzle at the 24 premiere

Doing a puzzle at the 24 premiere


Monday was…
Baking a cake for my 29th birthday.
Heather being perplexed by the fact that you could bake a cake without a box of cake mix.
My cake falling apart so we smooshed it together.
And then covering it in pink frosting.
And then covering it in pink sugar.
And then covering it in pink pig sprinkles.

Pink cake with sprinkles

Pink cake with sprinkles

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