Always Written - a custom portrait by Kurt Halsey

Always Written, my custom Kurt Halsey portrait

Back in November I decided to enter this contest to redesign the livejournal theme for the Kurt Halsey livejournal community that I belong to. Kurt Halsey is an artist I follow and collect prints from. Most of his work involves cute girls with no noses with sentimental sayings and, yes, maybe they’re a little twee, but, really, so am I and I love his work.

Now, I had never designed anything for livejournal before and they use their own scripting and such that I didn’t understand, so I really felt like I had no shot, no chance in hell of ever winning. But the prize was so awesome that I just had to enter: a custom Kurt Halsey portrait.

Me? Drawn by Kurt Halsey? I couldn’t not at least try.

So, with about a week to go I decided to just go for it and proceeded to spend every free moment I had designing and coding and then entered my design. I really thought I had no hope for winning as I didn’t know what I was doing. But, well, voting went on and…I ACTUALLY WON!

Why am I reporting on this now you may ask? Well, when I got home from Europe my prize was waiting for me in the mail. The winner (ME) received her very own custom drawing by Mr. Kurt Halsey himself. I was so flipping excited!

So, ladies and gentleman, I present Val a la Kurt Halsey…

My custom Kurt Halsey portrait, Always Written:

Always Written - a custom portrait by the artist Kurt Halsey

I absolutely love my Kurt Halsey art! Its amazing! It captures my likeness and my desire to be a writer and for everyone to read what I have to say. I am so excited and can’t wait to move out and find the perfect place for it.

If you can’t read it, the artwork says:

these words
always written
someday read

And the girl on there is me! hehe. yay!

In case you want to see, here is the design I did: Kurt Halsey Livejournal Community

What do you think of my Kurt Halsey portrait?

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