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Byebyescotty :(

So yesterday, Scotty finally got me pinned down on his mattress and on my hands and knees in the bedroom…

OK, so maybe they accidentally smushed me against the wall while moving the mattress and I was vacuuming and cleaning spider webs off the baseboards of his bedroom…but still…


So, I spent most of yesterday carrying val-sized objects (mostly pillows and the drawers of the big furniture) to Scott’s truck and forming the number one Polish cleaning service in the midwest with Cynthia. Now Scott’s apartment is empty, his truck is packed, and he is on his way to Seattle. 🙁 I’ll miss you Scotty McHotty!!!!

(of course, I am happy that I now have an excuse to visit my dream city of Seattle: the land of rain, coffee, seafood, and grungy boys!)

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