Nadia and Bryan's wedding rehearsal dinner: Josh and Jennifer

Congrats Josh!

So, remember last week when I said that everyone I know named Jen has either gotten engaged or has/is getting married this year? Well, yeah, I forgot one…so, of course…

Congratulations Josh and Jennifer!

Nadia and Bryan's wedding rehearsal dinner: Josh and Jennifer

Now, officially, all FIVE of the Jens I know either have gotten engaged or married in the past year. Maybe I should change my name…

* * *

I am a crazy person because…
I am holding out on renewing my cell phone contract because I am waiting for this:

Pink Krzr, currently available in the UK, to come to America. I very well might switch phone companies if another company has it and Verizon does not.

I am an awesome person because…
I went to SummerDance tonight and learned Brazilian Dance. Did you know Brazilian dance is the most boring easiest dance in the world? I’ll show it to you some time. I’m still awesome though.

I am a tired person because…
It’s one in the morning and I am baking lemon bars. I already had to go to Jewel an hour ago because I was out of flour. I also made some carrot soup, but I will finish that in the morning. I am so proud of myself, I sliced up a whole onion for the soup and didn’t cry. Then I ruined the proud of me moment by packing a food processor so tight with flour, powdered sugar, and butter, that the blade did nothing. I think we can officially take “Baker” out of the running for my career.

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