raspberry lemon bars.


On Friday I…

1. skipped work.


2. made raspberry lemon bars.

raspberry lemon bars.


3. had lunch with MattyK
I made sure to keep him off the topic of work, except when it came to making him promise to take me to Vienna if he gets to go. He doesn’t think his hair is as funny as I do. A knife is just as good as $50. Cutting chips with said knife is a bad idea, but I kind of already knew that.


4. shopped the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale.
I guess I shouldn’t think of it as blowing $200, I should think of it as saving $150…right? Really though, it’s the only time of the year I stock up on underwear. I won’t share everything, but here is a pictoral of everything that has a butterfly on it 🙂

Butterfly undies from the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale.

See that little black and pink lacy thing peaking out of the top?? Yeah, it’s a kind of hot slip/nighty thing. Want to see more of it??? Come on boys, I know you do 😉


5. Jazz with the Joffrey
Ravinia Festival really has to work on the signage to get to their parking…because I most definitely was right there but then got lost for an hour. Good thing I was hella early. So after totally missing the exit to the free park and ride I finally found a lot and was bussed over to the site. For those of you who don’t know what Ravinia is, which apparently is all of my friends, it’s a big outdoor stage complex that shows classical concerts and such throughout the summer. The actual tickets to the shows cost $50 or something, but lawn tix are $10. And the lawn, while you can’t actually see the stage, is kind of awesome because you can bring wine and picnic while listening to the concert. It’s really quite a site because it’s a big lawn full of people with their little citronellas glowing.

Nadia and I went to go see Jazz with the Joffrey which was live jazz with the Ramsey Lewis Trio with the Joffrey Ballet performing. Well, we think the Joffrey was performing, but we couldn’t really see (although I did manage to scope out the one spot in the place where we could kind of see a corner of the stage, and were able to see a couple of dance moves). It was awesome though. And we had a good night of picnicing with pasta salad, carrot soup, lemon bars, cheese, jam, tomatoes, and whole wheat pitas…oh and wine.

I also discovered that all it really takes for me to be attracted to a guy is a really awesome camera.

I also discovered that I can find my way home from Highland Park without needing a map (because sometimes Gogole Maps lies).

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