Guitar Hero World Tour

I am in love…his name is Mark II

My new Canon 5D MK II


So finally on Friday I got what I’ve been waiting for for a long long time…

It’s sleek, sexy, powerful and works well in the dark 😉

Canon 5D MK II

Canon 5D MK II

Meet my new camera: a Canon 5D MK II! It is awe to the some. Just think of how amazing my competitive eating photos will be now…oh, and yeah, those pesky weddings 😉 OHOH and my FOOD!

So maybe I am crazy for buying it because it really is a professional professional camera. But I was in the market for a new one just when it was coming out…and I love it so that is all that matters. 🙂


Thursday I went over to Joe and Alina’s to meet their new kitty Remy. He is cute and friendly, except for when he bites me.

Joe spent most of the time trying to put together a treadmill…and dropping it on his foot. The rest of the time was spent making us dinner of Greek shrimp pasta. We watched Last of the Mohicans but I paid more attention to the treadmilling.


Friday I met up with Joe and Alina and JoeW and Meredith and Maureen and Kiyoshi to get dinner and then go see Slumdog Millionaire. We went to Rock Bottom for dinner. My chicken was really good but they almost forgot to give Alina her food and they didn’t put any shrimp in Meredith’s dinner. The dessert of a pint glass of sundae we shared was delicious.

Rock bottom chicken

So from there we headed over to the movie theatre. Four of them got their tickets with no problems. Joe and Alina had trouble with the machines and I got through to the point of swiping my card but then the machine gave me an error. A couple of machines later we finally figured out that between the first for and the last three getting their tickets, the show sold out. So after some discussion we decided to just have whoever got tickets return them and go rent a movie and head to Joe and Meredith’s.

We ended up watching the Orphanage, which no one seemed to know was foreign and which I think I was the only one who really liked it. But I mostly really liked it because I watch a LOT of horror and scary movies and it is really hard nowadays to find a movie that can be suspenseful and not predictable. And I thought it did a very good job at both.

Afterwards we played some Guitar Hero World tour. I think it will take me forever to get used to their drum set. And I definitely need to wear my glasses when I sing or else I can’t read all the words.

I took some pictures with my new camera. These are all taken at ISO 1600, which would have been way way way grainyer on my last camera. But I think they look pretty damn awesome.

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour

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  • Jeff
    January 3, 2009at11:38 pm

    The Orphanage (El Orfanto or something) was really good, i saw it a while back when i was on a guilleermo del toro kick, he produced it

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