Burial Ceremony for my old Vans sneakers

You took me everywhere…

Yes, it’s that time again…yup, it was time to don a hot glue gun and brush up on my bow tying skills and put together some favors. There were Jelly Bellys to be poured and candles to be placed and bird seed to be spilled all over the place 🙂 But the favors for Nadia’s wedding are (almost) completely completed and are mighty cute if you ask moi. 🙂

I also got to give Nad her present, she didn’t open it yet, but I made her open the card because I put a special note in it for Bryan. It said “Dear Bryan, Nadia likes you. Will you go to her wedding with her?”

Ya see, way back when in eighth grade Nadia entrusted me to ask this guy if he’d go to a dance with her. So over lunch I (WITH THE HELP OF A BUNCH OF OTHER PEOPLE) wrote him a note. Of course, in true junior high fashion, the note was stolen and another guy read it out loud for the whole class. Yeah, Nad STILL brings that up every time I piss her off 🙂

Anyhoo…After everyone else left and we finished up some things we ran to the Jewel to buy more birdseed. In the Jewel lot there was a PINK CAR!!!!

Pink car in the Jewel parking lot.

I want it!

Then we went on a secret mission…

You see, a long long long time ago I bought a pair of shoes. They were black slip-on Vans with elastic on the front. They were perfect. In fact, I bought two pair. And then I have proceeded to wear them almost every day for the past 6 or so years. The other day I finally broke down and bought a new pair of similar but so not the same shoes. I decided that I had to retire my old pair of Vans sneakers and what better way then to hold a burial ceremony and candlelight vigil. We went to the park and put them under a tree, lit some candles, said a few words, and said a little prayer. 🙁 I will miss you my perfect little shoes…

Burial Ceremony for my old Vans sneakers

…but at least I still have my second pair 🙂

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