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Frasca Linguine

You Like Bacon and Chocolate

1. Last Wednesday I stopped by Chelsa’s to watch the last Stanley Cup game. Blackhawks won! And we ate turkey sloppy joes and Blackhawks cookies.

Sloppy Joes while watching The Blackhawks

Blackhawks cookies

2. I decided against braving the crowd to watch the Blackhawks parade on Friday. I did take this photo at my work on Monday though.

Blackhawks marquee

3. When I taste the deliciousness of strawberry lemonade I question what I ever saw in Coke.

4. Last night I went to get dinner with Mat. I am pretty sure my sangria was made with a can of fruit salad medley. And by “pretty sure” I mean “positive.”

Canned fruit salad Sangria

5. Last Thursday I met with Heather and Alyssa for dinner at Frasca. I had linguine and a cookie and a Sangria that was made with real fruit.

Sangria at Frasca

Linguine at Frasca

Cookie at Frasca

6. Is this the show about the french fries or the one that’s not about a chicken?

7. Why does everyone on home buying shows hate having the washer/dryer in the kitchen? I love mine.

8. I have 55 Euros in my drawer.

9. Last week there was dollar Jimmy Johns day in Chicago. I waited in line to order for about 15 minutes, but then my sandwich was ready before I finished paying. I don’t think the competitive eaters will ever win against them.

One dollar Jimmy Johns

10. Other than some frozen ravioli I haven’t cooked in over a week. I need to get on that.

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