Space Ship in Mars, Pennsylvania

You know you take the scenic route when…

Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip: roadside attractions in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Lesson of the day: while I try to be a good driver who follows the rules of the road there are times that I will break those rules. Like when there is a sign that says no passing for the next seven miles and I am behind a guy driving a horse and buggy…

I woke up this morning at 7am, showered, packed up the car, got a large white mocha and hit the road on my road trip to Virginia. On day on I wouldn’t quite make it all the way to my destination states, but I was planning on stopping at some fantastic roadside attractions in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania on my way there!

leaving on my Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip

My first stop of the day was a muffler man outside of an Ace Hardware in Elkhart, Indiana.

muffler man outside of an Ace Hardware in Elkhart, Indiana

A man outside told me that someone tried to steal it once. How the heck does anyone steal something that big?

A couple of hours later I made it to the worlds biggest can of tomato soup outside of the Campbell’s factory in Ohio. There was really nowhere to pull over though and the car behind me was riding my bumper so I had to just admire it from my car window as I drove by.

After that I tracked down an ATM machine that was disguised as a horse and buggy

And then a giant rocking chair

Giant Rocking Chair

…and then passed about 20 actual horse and buggies…

…and then found the world’s LARGEST horse and buggy!

World's largest horse and buggy

My final stop of the night was to Mars.

Space ship in Mars, Pennsylvania

Mars, Pennsylvania that is!

And now I am sitting in a hotel room just outside of Pittsburgh, preparing for day two of my Virginia/ North Carolina road trip, and eating Wendy’s french fries and chocolate shake and don’t want to look up whether the shake is made of high fructose corn syrup because I am positive that it is and if I am drinking a high fructose corn syrup shake why am I not just having a Coke? And why does any of that matter when I am eating ketchup anyways?

My Virginia/North Carolina Road Trip:

Day 1: You know you take the scenic route when…

Day 2: I don’t do well with decisions.

Day 3/Day 4: And all the roads that lead you there were winding.

Day 5: I swear we were infinite.

Day 6: Chicago needs more mountains.

Day 7: Second Best Water Ever.

Day 8: RedBone Willy’s Bluegrass & Acoustic Music Festival.

Day 9: It ain’t over till it’s over.


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