YES I CAN - Election Night Party 2008 - Barack Obama Was Elected

Yes we can.

When the local news break was quickly wrapped up at 10:00pm and the screen switched to a display that declared Barack Obama the winner of the 2008 presidential election, my first thought was “someone’s getting fired for that one.” Honestly, everyone at the election night party I was at all thought that someone made a mistake.

Not that we had any doubt that Obama could take it all, could be our next president. We just kind of expected to not get a concession and a victory until the wee hours of the morning and even then we figured there’d be weeks of argument and debate.

So when a winner was declared, so bluntly, so out of nowhere, on the same day that the election began we were skeptical that they didn’t accidentally, prematurely, put up the wrong screen.

Thankfully, we were wrong.

I still can’t believe it was that easy and quick.

But it just shows that we all need a change.

Can Barack fulfill all his promises? Probably not. But who really could? But he inspires people. He brings us hope. He makes us feel as if anything is possible. And more than anything I think that is what this country needs right now. For the first time in a long time I think people really feel like for once something can change for the better. And for that, I am overjoyed and proud that I have finally cast a ballot that helped a man I wholeheartedly support take office.

Yes we can. Indeed, yes we can.

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Hi, I'm Val. I spent most of my 20s in a standstill, unable to pick which path in life I wanted to take. I wanted the nomadic life of a traveler but also wanted the husband, the condo, and the kitten. Unable to decide which life I wanted more, I did nothing. When I turned 30 I’d had enough of putting my life on hold and decided to start “choosing my figs.” So, I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and traveled for three years. Now I'm back in Chicago, decorating my apartment in all the teal, petting my cats, and planning my next adventure.

  • Christine
    November 5, 2008at7:44 am

    I knew there was no way McCain was going to win by 1000 my time, but still, wasn’t expecting Obama to be declared at exactly 1100. I’m so happy that he won!!!

  • val
    November 5, 2008at9:16 am

    me too!
    Yeah, looking at the numbers there was no way. But I was shocked that they announced it so early!

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