Pizzeria Uno

Yes, I said I drank beer. Yes, I said “second dinner.”

Volo, Pizzeria Uno, and other randomness in my life.

1. Whenever I find a band I like, inevitably they have played down the block from me a few months ago.

2. They’ve made a pea puree on at least half of the episodes on Top Chef this season.

3. I like to wear clothes in layers. One day this week I realized that I was wearing five shirts. That might have been overkill.

4. Looking at my road trip photos I have determined that I really need to get my camera cleaned.

5. Monday I had to leave Mat’s place early because he had to golf. So I chilled on the couch all day editing photos. At night I went out to Cody’s bar with Heather and Jeremy and we hung out with Sara who was in from England and who I’d never met. But it’s funny because I knew all about who she was from others and she knew all about who I was from others. And so, of course, I had to explain my love of competitive eating 🙂

6. Thursday night I met up with Chelsa for dinner at Volo because I have a few Groupons for there and haven’t used any of them. We sat outside even though it was chilly but they had heat lamps so it was OK. I had mussels and we shared a s’more for dessert because I really can’t pass up anything with the word s’more in it.

mussels at Volo Wine Bar

Afterwards we headed to Chemically Imbalanced to see Eric’s play “Book of Liz.” It was weird because CIC is expanding so the door was in a different place and the theater had more seats. Can’t wait until they get a bar!

The play was good and Eric was good but one of the characters was really loud. Eric said he told him to be loud because I can’t hear.

7. After the play when I got home Mat came over and we went to Waterhouse for second dinner because he was hungry. I don’t like Waterhouse but they are open late for dinner and it was 11 at night. I just got tater tots and drank 3/4 of a beer. Then we watched Futurama.

8. Last night I met up with Chelsa and Stephanie after work. We waited for Stephanie to audition for a choir, road up some awesome elevators, and passed by the giant eye (I really need to get over there and take good photos!)

Giant Eye in Chicago

Then we headed over to Pizzeria Uno for dinner.

Then we waited way. too. long.

Jenny was hungry!

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

And finally our pizza came and we scarfed it all down!

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

Pizza at Pizzeria Uno

It was good but I think Pizzeria Uno is at the bottom of my list of pizza places. The crust is too pie-like and I feel like it’s a little bland.

9. “Does his bumper sticker say ‘I hate theater?’ Let’s get a look at him!…Oh he’s totally a theater nerd.”

10. Why do we not take all of our vacation time off? Because coming back to work after a week off is pure hell.

11. The dude from LFO died. Let us mourn by singing my greatest guilty pleasure song of all time.

12. So I still have 20.5 days of vacation available for the year and may only carry over 7.5 days to 2011…where should I go?!?!

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