Purple Pig Chicago

Words I never want to hear again: “testicle marshmallow.”

1. Last Sunday I went with my sisters to see Sing Along Grease. It was fun but would have been more fun if it was in a bigger theater with a bigger audience. And if it was Sing Along Grease 2, because I love that movie and the music is awesomer. Afterwards we braved the Transformers on Michigan Avenue to get to the Purple Pig.

Melted cheese at The Purple Pig in Chicago, Illinois.

2. Heather made a meal she called “Mexican Surprise.” She was impressed that she cooked using both the stove and the microwave.

Heather's Mexican Surprise

3. How can I spend an entire day doing laundry and still have a giant bag full of dirty clothes?

4. One of my new favorite websites is Catalog Living.

5. Is it bad that I always want pro-vegan shirts because I love the irony of it? Like this one that says “What kind of asshole eats a lamb?” (this kind of asshole!) and this one that says “Bacon had a mom” (and I’m sure she was tasty!)

6. I never get why people in movies have to hatch elaborate schemes instead of just telling people the secret they are trying to get out. I guess there wouldn’t be a movie then.

7. I hate Transformers more than I hated Batman.

8. I want this.

9. I swear I was on the red line with a guy who looked just like the Six Flags Guy. I was so scared.

10. You know you’ve gone insane when you call into your bedroom to tell your stuffed jackalope that they are talking about his home town on the tv.

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