Warsaw: Day 4

With an asterisk

Meeting a friends of a friend in Warsaw.

In the morning of my last day in Warsaw a guy came up to me in the hostel. He had left his computer charger behind and was wondering if he could borrow mine. I said OK and he left his laptop charging at the front desk. About an hour later he came back and said that it still wasn’t fully charged. I pointed to an outlet and said he could charge it there. He said he’d really like to charge it in his room. Not wanting someone to walk off with my charger I said “you can charge it here.” Then he insisted on buying me a cup of coffee and dragged me to the hostel bar, which was closed. So we went to the sitting area and he kept saying that he wanted to charge it in his room. And then he asked me if I like dirty dancing. And then he asked me if I like having sex. I replied “can I have my charger back?” and left.

But anyways.

That night I had plans to meet up with Frankie, who is one of Heather’s best friends who just so happened to have just moved to Warsaw.

So I met up with him and we met up with another girl, who is writing for a Warsaw guidebook, at a pizza place she needed to write about.

We got beers and a margherita pizza and one with kielbasa and onions and other meats. And both were delicious.

Pizza in Warsaw, Poland.

Pizza in Warsaw, Poland.

And we went for a drink at a Thai Indian place.

Drinking in Warsaw, Poland.

Drinking in Warsaw, Poland.

Drinking in Warsaw, Poland.

And it was good to have conversation for a night, and be amongst people who were at least familiar by association.

Val and Frankie in Warsaw, Poland.

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