Blind Wine Tasting Scoring Card at WineStyles wine bar


So, last week when I drove MattyK to get his car he promised me that he’d buy me wine. Tonight he finally came through and we finally made it to WineStyles. This was his second take at taking me for wine and our third attempt at going to this wine bar.

We met Jen at the bar and, even though we were there past the time they normally have it, they let us do the wine tasting because they still had enough wine left. The tasting was interesting because it was a blind taste test. No, they don’t blindfold us, they blindfold the bottles of wine. For only $5 (free for me because Matt paid) you get 6 glasses (well, small glasses) of wine, 3 white and 3 red, and they don’t tell you which is which. You have to guess. It was pretty cool. Jen and Matt got all the numbers right. I got the white ones but mussed up the reds.

Blind Wine Tasting Scoring Card at WineStyles wine bar

I’ll tell you this, if you put a Coke and a Pepsi in front of me, I could tell you in a second which is which. 🙂

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  • kt (j3llybellybean)
    October 11, 2006at6:58 am

    oohhh WineStyles looks neat!
    And there is one near me! I shall check it out!

  • Chris
    October 11, 2006at9:23 am

    Man that sounds awesome! And I didn’t know there was one in the DC area, I was about to comment how jealous I was! Good work on the whites, I like them better anyways.

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