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Why isn’t there a restaurant called Pasta and Cubs?

1. It should seriously be illegal for a package that contains ONE cookie to have under nutritional information “Serving size: half a cookie (servings per container: 2)”

2. At one point today it took me thirty seconds to remember which was right and which was left. I put my hands in “L”s and stared at them. Doing that really does nothing for me, I mean I never pay attention to what my hands are doing; I just make the formation, look, and know, it usually just triggers something doing that. But today it just didn’t click. I am losing my mind…or maybe I just need to go back to kindergarten.

3. I already write 35 things for my list next year…guess this means I am writing a list for next year…at this rate I will have 300 things by January. Any suggestions?

4. I went to eat with Josh tonight at Sandbar…I ordered a banana…seriously, I ordered a banana. It cost me $6. I also had two drinks and feel pretty damn loopy right now. This is why I don’t drive anywhere. The drinks come in the same glasses as the candles…don’t mix them up!

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