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What oceans?

Val (seeing the title “Ocean’s 11” on the TV screen.): which movie in the series is this? I mean, I know there were multiple Oceans movies. Which one is this?

Mat: Well there was Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13. But this is the original movie that those were based on.

Val: Oh.

Is it just me or do my conversations sound terribly too close to Jessica Simpson’s?

Video camera recording

After the Millennium Park concert I met up with Mat who was just finishing up work a few blocks away. We grabbed dinner and then tried to head back to his place on the blue line. Which ended up taking over an hour and being the biggest deal ever. The blue line stop was closed and the lady guarding the entrance acted as if it was closed for most of the way and that we should catch the shuttle bus. We walked another block debating what to do, tried to catch a cab but none would pull over as Mat had his bike. Then walked back to catch the shuttle. We waited for one for a while and then the bus driver was really rude as Mat was having trouble getting the bike thing to work. And then was rude to me and said I had to pay even though you don’t have to pay on shuttles. And then he didn’t make Mat pay which made me mad (not that it matters as I have a prepaid 30 day unlimited pass). And then it drove two blocks and pulled over. And we waited for it to start going again. And then finally someone asked something and we found out that that was as far as the bus went. So a) if the lady had just said walk two blocks and the next stop is open we would have just walked and b) if the bus driver had actually said “this is the last stop” instead of just sitting there we wouldn’t have waited for five more minutes. Anyways. We got on the el and finally headed back to his place. Then he put on a movie. And I fell promptly asleep because I was dead tired.

Mat on his bike

Mat not on his bike

Wet roads

Wet roads

The end.

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