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Filming I'm a Competitive Eater reality show

Watch Val on reality tv…maybe…

I'm a Major League Eater Reality TV Show

I briefly mentioned this earlier…but now that I kind of have a free moment I thought I’d give another mention with a few more details…

So remember a few months back when I said that I might be a stalker of competitive eating? OK, so let’s face it, I AM a stalker…but there may have been other photos from that day that I didn’t share…

Filming I'm a Competitive Eater reality show

So I might not have been stalking them…I might actually have been filming a reality TV program. I was interviewed a couple times and filmed doing my competitive eating super fan thing. I have no idea if I will actually be on it because there is no indication at all from the trailer, but you should watch it anyways because it will be awesome. And you might at least be able to spot me in the background.

I’m a Major League Eater
Wednesday, July 8
10pm Eastern/9pm Central
Biography Channel

p.s. The director promised me that he wouldn’t make me look too crazy. To that I replied “good luck.”

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