Where in the World is Valerie Bromann?

Valerie Does Rafting

Where in the World is Valerie Bromann

Where am I now? West Virginia!

I’m out Whitewater Rafting here on the New River.

Eep! I hope I don’t die. That would kind of suck. I’ll be back Saturday and will soon after be posting Europe pics and rafting pics. I know all two of my readers must be getting anxious. 🙂

While I’m at it, here’s a Best Summer Ever update:

Val's Best Summer Ever

June 2: Valerie’s Unemployed and Wants to Celebrate Celebration!”
June 5: Celebrating Scott’s b-day at Hugo’s
June 6: The Omen
June 7: Museum of Science and Industry
June 11: Jenny’s Surprise Wedding Shower
June 13: Rachel Cohn and David Levithan book reading
June 17-18: Barbecue in the Bend
June 22-26: Munich, Germany
June 26-27: Interlaken, Switzerland
June 27-29: Venice, Italy
June 29-July 1: Florence, Italy
July 1-4: Rome, Italy
July 5-7: Vienna , Austria
July 7-9: Prague, Czech Republic
July 9-12: Paris, France
July 14: Jenny’s Bachelorette Party
July 15: Inline Insomniacs Chicago Skate
July 19-July 22: White Water Rafting & Camping
August 12: Jenny’s Wedding
August 24-28: Washington D.C./Virginia

🙁 There isn’t much left on that list…I suppose I’ll have to find a job soon…

Hi, I'm Val. I spent most of my 20s in a standstill, unable to pick which path in life I wanted to take. I wanted the nomadic life of a traveler but also wanted the husband, the condo, and the kitten. Unable to decide which life I wanted more, I did nothing. When I turned 30 I’d had enough of putting my life on hold and decided to start “choosing my figs.” So, I quit my job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe, and traveled for three years. Now I'm back in Chicago, decorating my apartment in all the teal, petting my cats, and planning my next adventure.

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