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Where in the World is Valerie Bromann?

Valerie Does Europe

la vie est merveilleuse

Where in the World is Valerie Bromann

I’m off to my grand three-week adventure in Europe!! This is my first trip out of the states (never even been to Canada)! My original goal was to have one Mr. Joe Meier all to myself in romantic places for three weeks…then his actual girlfriend Alina decided to join and threw all that out the window.

Then I decided to find a hot Italian husband with lots of vineyard land and a mama who cooked up a mean bowl of pasta.

But then I decided on a new plan… So, here are my goals for Europe:

1. Take a ton of pictures (duh if you know me at all)

2. Find a man in every city (what’s the fun of having just one???)

3. Recreate this photo from Vegas in front of the real deal Eiffel Tower

4. Eat really good food (and coffee and beer and wine…)

5. Have the most amazing adventure of my life!

So, where in the world is Valerie??? Here’s my itinerary:
June 22-26: Munich, Germany
June 26-27: Interlaken, Switzerland
June 27-29: Venice, Italy
June 29-July 1: Florence, Italy
July 1-4: Rome, Italy
July 5-7: Vienna , Austria
July 7-9: Prague, Czech Republic
July 9-12: Paris, France

I’ll be gone for three weeks, I know you’ll miss me. I plan to keep a journal on my way, so be prepared for a huge ass post when I get back (or maybe several) and tons and tons of pictures!!

Until then…
Auf Wiedersehen
Au Revoir

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  • Sid
    June 23, 2006 at 11:09 am

    you need a fedora in that pic

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