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Where in the World is Valerie Bromann?

Valerie Does D.C.

Where in the world is Valerie Bromann

I’ll be in Washington D.C./Virginia until Monday! Yay! Hmm, I need to either find a job or schedule more vacations now. 🙂 Here is a tentative schedule of doings for the weekend according to Chris:

Thurs: Val shows up, group dinner at Flying Fish, meet, greet, laugh, shake off jet lag.

Fri: DC At Night. Dinner somewhere or other, go into the city after dark and see monuments. Perhaps late night snacks/drinks if we’re feeling bold

Sat: Zoo. See animals, laugh, eat outrageous zoo food.

Sun: Art. See the hirshorn, see awesome art, eat outrageous museum food.

Big ole update complete with lots of pics when I get back!

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