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Valcap – May 14-16

24 – it’s over next week! I think it’s going to end with Kumar coming back from the dead and throwing White Castles at everyone. In fact, I jut know it will!

ANTM – eh, despite the fact that this is probably my favorite show, I really didn’t care who won. They were all good but no one really stood out for me. If I were 2 inches taller I would so win it all 🙂

AI – how the hell is Blake still there? Not that I am complaining, ’cause we all know I love Blake…but I thought for sure he was toast this week, and he has only had 1 or 2 stellar performances the whole season while Melinda was pretty great every week. I think the one fault with Melinda Dolittle was that she looked like a person named Dolittle.

I will now leave you with a few conversations I have had recently on the subject of American Idol…

Hood: not that i want to admit having watched any of this, but why is the token gay man still on your show
Val: HE IS NOT GAY!!!!
Hood: um
Hood: yes, yes he is
Hood: i thought the point of the show was to see who was a good SINGER
Val: he is a good singer
Val: he beat boxes too
Hood: but he only has one style
Val: and he is cutey
Val: does any singer ont he radio have more than one style?
Hood: i thought that part of the show was for them to exhibit some sort of adaptability
Val: nono, the only point of the show is to pimp these people out for months so that the producers can make lots of money
Hood: and yes, the beat boxing adds to his homosexuality
Val: 🙁
Hood: thats the kind of talent that you keep in reserve
Hood: and use maybe once
Val: hes the beat boxing champion of seattle or something
Val: and he is cute
Val: i am going to marry him and have little beatboxing blake babies
Hood: yeah good luck getting him to play for our team
Hood: we don’t need a shortstop that bad
Val: 🙁
Val: you don’t think i could turn the guy?
Hood: i was commenting more on the uselessness of turning him
Val: 🙁

Val: american idol is starting a new show for bands 🙂
JoeJoe: ug … its gonna go survivor and have 18 spinoffs
Val: there is alrady the dance spin off
Val: oooo, american idol – survivor
Val: theyd have to sing for their dinner in subway stations
JoeJoe: ug
Val: 🙂

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