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Valcap – May 21-23



24:: I guess I kind of expected…more…and for everything not to end up in a rosy glow. I mean, I guess Jack realizing that he had to give up that chick was sad, but it wasn’t too exciting. After they saved the world I just kept thinking “there’s 15 minutes left, still time for someone to die!” “there’s 15 seconds left, still time for someone to die!” And then squat. I feel cheated. I bet that boy is going to turn evil in later seasons…and he’ll go all anikin and fall for chloes lovechild even though she will be way young…(please correct me if my star wars analogy is off, but I thought that chick in star wars was much younger than the evil dude…? maybe?)


American Idol:: Last night Blake sucked it up bad and Jordin mildly sucked it up…so obviously Jordin won. That and the producers have been pimping her to win for a while now. It isn’t Blake’s fault that he sucked it was the crappy winner song they made him sing. Not his style at all. Tonight’s results show was kind of stupid as always.

Some comments on the performances:
– What the fuck was Green Day doing there? Maybe next year they can do a punk night???
– Sanjaya would have been even better if they did his hair in the ponyhawk.
– I’m no Bette Midler fan, but she was pretty damn horrible.
– They made a big deal that all the past American Idols (minus Fantasia who is on Broadway right now) were going to sing together…but that just meant they each sang a different song right in a row and never shared the stage…: but they got Kelly Clarkson to admit she was on American Idol, so I guess thats a start.
– Blake got to beatbox with Doug E. Fresh. Not to be confused with Doug E. Doug. Melinda got to sing with the people she used to sing back up for. Jordin just got to sing with Ruben Studdard, what a jip for her.

Then they crowned Jordin as the winner and Blake could breathe easy and be happy that he can reap all the fame AI brings and not have to sing that crappy single and not have to be roped into the crappy AI contract. I can’t wait for his album!


The Hills:: Heidi and Spencer are engaged! Yeah, that news made me throw up a bit too. Mayhaps we’ll get a reality show of their wedding…or a newlyweds like series???


Now, I know that 24 and AI and ANTM and Apprentice are over…some maybe for good…but don’t you worry…the summer is always filled with wonderful reality crap for me to report on! Fox is already kicking in the On The Lot and So You Think You Can Dance? Usually I only watch the dance show for the auditions because I always think I’m going to see someone I know (the first year it was on there was a girl I knew on there). But it kind of makes me sad to watch sometimes 🙁

On The Lot is about movie makers…the first episode was OK but its still at the point where they have way too many contestants to know who anyone is. And I doubt there will be any beatboxing.

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