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Using Your Finger is Much More Efficient

My sister Jen on why she wants to have children right away: “I really don’t want kids. But maybe in 10 years I’ll want them and it will be too late.”

The other day I went with Jen to look at wedding dresses. This is despite the fact that she isn’t quite engaged yet. This involved us going nowhere near a store that sells wedding dresses because she just wants a regular off the rack white dress.

We then went to see the new Woody Allen movie which kind of sucked but I don’t like Woody Allen in the first place.

I went out with Brandana a couple times this week: wings, coffee, and coffee (although I got a milkshake tonight because I needed it). I spilled way to many of my guts to him so I hope I never piss him off. Or all my secrets are out. 🙂

I also watched today two of my favorite sports. First some X-Games (which I will count as all one sport) where Travis Pastrana kicked ass in a double back flip and then it was my favorite sport of all time: Competitive Eating!!! Today was the Johnsonville Brat eating contest. Last year Sonya Thomas (yes I know all the competitors names, I follow this sport like you follow your fantasy baseball/football/whateverball) won with 35 brats in 10 minutes. Um, yeah, this year Kobayashi won with 58. 58 brats in 10 minutes. I have a “reversal of fortune” after one bite of a brat.

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