Ultimate bucket list ideas for buckets.

Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets

I write a lot about bucket lists, whether I’m checking off big life goals of my own (like backpacking through Europe, taking a hot air ballon ride, or throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina) or crafting inspirational lists of bucket list ideas. Let’s just say, I love a good to-do list.

But that’s the thing. Lists. We all love making big dreamy lists of things we want to accomplish in life. But we tend to ignore that other half of the string: the bucket.

The bucket is just as essential to the bucket list as the list is, but we tend to only focus on the list. So today I’m putting the bucket back in the bucket list with some ultimate bucket list ideas for buckets.

These are the things the bucket wants from life, what it wants to achieve in life, what it dreams to achieve in life. Are you ready to take your bucket by the handle and help it live life to its fullest? Read on.

Ultimate list of bucket list ideas for buckets:

Be a drum. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

1. Be a drum.

Everyone dreams of being a rock star, and, for buckets, it’s no different. Buckets dream of being used as a drum and making music on street corners and subway stations around the world.

Build a sand castle. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

2. Build a sand castle.

Fun in the sun, the waves of the ocean, and wind in your bail. Every summer, buckets come out en masse to become architects of the beach, constructing towers so perfectly cylindrical, only their unique build can pull it off. Is build a sand castle on your bucket’s bucket list?

Put out a fire. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

3. Put out a fire.

Even buckets dream of being heroes, and what better way for a bucket to prove its courage and strength than to put out a blazing fire by holding onto water, letting it go, and quenching those flames.

Get dirty with a mop. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

4. Get dirty with a mop.

Every bucket deserves to have a little dirty fun at least once in its life. To slop it up with a tight new mop, make it wet, and get down and dirty.

Help milk a cow. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

5. Help milk a cow.

Different buckets have different dreams. Some dream of life on the beach. Others, are homebodies who like to stick close to home. Still others dream of life on the farm where they can make themselves useful: feeding chicken feed to chickens, holding apples from an orchard, and, of course, the ultimate bucket bucket list goal, helping milk a cow.

Collect rain water. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

6. Collect rain water.

Isn’t it romantic to sit outside, listening to the pitter patter of droplets falling from the sky, and collecting the rain water for non-rainy day?

Chill an expensive bottle of champagne. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

7. Chill an expensive bottle of champagne.

Your everyday bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon is fine and, sometimes, you just need some rosé all day. But, other times, you need to splurge. And there is no better way to splurge than picking up a nice, expensive bottle of champagne, nestling it inside of you with some fresh cold ice, and just chilling.

Feed hungry animals. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

8. Feed hungry animals.

Volunteer work is on everyone’s bucket list so it obviously should be on a bucket list for buckets too. Feeding hungry animals is a perfect volunteer job for buckets because they can use their special skills in holding large quantities of things to help. Whether it’s pig feed or dog kibble, it’s always nice to lend a helping handle.

Catch a fish. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

9. Catch a fish.

Whether you’re in the middle of the action, being tossed into the water to reel in a big one, or sitting on the sidelines waiting to hold the catch tight, fishing is a fun activity for any bucket, big or small.

Get Liza to fix my hole. Ultimate Bucket List Ideas for Buckets.

10. Get Liza to fix the bucket’s hole.

Henry’s been asking Liza to fix your hole for decades and Liza’s been asking Henry to do the same. Will someone ever fix that hole in the bucket? This one is for the buckets that dream.


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