Pad Thai with Prawn - because you absolutely can not visit Thailand without getting at least one Pad Thai.

Two weeks of Thai food in Thailand.

What I ate on vacation in Thailand.

I have a lot to say about my two week vacation in Thailand. I just haven’t yet found all the right words. So instead, for now, I’m just going to share with you all the Thai food I ate. Because, really, food was one of the things I was most excited about when going back to Thailand. As someone who orders Thai food on a regular basis at home the idea that I could eat Thai food for every meal, every day, for two weeks straight, and not go broke or be judged, had me salivating.

There was still so much I didn’t eat that I wanted to, especially when I had only one night at the market at Chiang Mai gate. Seriously, I walked around for a good twenty minutes debating before sitting down for a bowl of noodles and wontons and barbecue pork. And then, maybe, I bought a bag of pork larb that I ate, blissfully, with my fingers, while walking home, until both my hands and my mouth were burning too much to handle any more.

But I did make a good dent in my cravings…

I ate plenty of Pad Thai, a thick Massaman Curry, a spicy Green Papaya Salad, a sweet mango sticky rice (that, admittedly, gave me food poisoning), stir fried meats and seafood and vegetables, 7-Eleven Ham and Cheese Toasties (which are quintessential Thai food, I swear), pad see ew, fried morning glory, Chicken Cashewnut, Khao soi (my favorite Northern Thai dish), potstickers, pork rice, spring rolls, giant whole fish on the beach, and plenty of Thai iced coffees and Singha beers…

Two weeks of Thai food: what I ate on vacation in Thailand:

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  • Emma
    November 7, 2015at1:19 am

    Thai food speaks volumes about Thailand I think. For weeks after I returned home from Southeast Asia every Thai takeaway took me right back to chowing down pad thai on uneven plastic tables in Bangkok street markets.

  • Leo
    December 27, 2017at4:41 pm

    We went to Thailand and Chiang Mai back in 2016. Just like you, we loved how good value the food is. We can just eat out every day, having good food without going broke. This got us thinking how convenient it is, no more need for grocery shopping, cooking, washing the dishes and cleaning up. This takes a big chunk of our time, and so we are looking for a way to move to Chiang Mai in the next few years to live that easier life.

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