Ugly Lamb Cake

Turkey Bear Pig.

1. STOP THE WORLD. My mutual funds, for the first time in three years, have more money than my initial investment!

2. Sunday night I went to see Mat’s 5B improv performances at io. Some of the people were good, some horrible. There was this one guy though who is frickin insane. Towards the end he got on the piano switched to organ and rocked an amazing preacher act. Amazing. Afterwards I stuck around for U Who? (Middle Aged Comeback) and 3033. The first show was hilarious because there was this adorable little girl who kept making this weird laughing/crying noise. So whichever scene that they were doing when she made that noise they’d stop and look for the “turkey bear pig.”
Then we got Taco Bell because it was after midnight and I hadn’t eaten dinner. He didn’t believe me when I screamed “YES!” when he asked if I wanted to go.

3. This was a funny looking lamb cake I saw…

Ugly lamb cake

4. Here is where we stand in the Idol pool:

Rank   Val   Eric   Sue
1   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze
2   Crystal Bowersox   Crystal Bowersox   Siobhan Magnus
3   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche   Crystal Bowersox
4   Casey James   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche
5   Didi Benami   Didi Benami   Casey James
6   Andrew Garcia   Casey James   Aaron Kelly
7   Michael Lynche   Andrew Garcia   Didi Benami
8   Tim Urban   Tim Urban   Katie Stevens
9   Katie Stevens   Katie Stevens   Tim Urban
10   Aaron Kelly   Aaron Kelly   Andrew Garcia
11   Paige Miles   Paige Miles   Paige Miles
12   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown

PINK = still in it
DARK PINK = kicked out
ORANGE = third place
YELLOW = second place
GREEN = first place

5. I keep getting behind in blogging so here is a sneak peek of two things I PROMISE to blog about within the week but haven’t yet…The City Museum and the Jelly Belly Factory

City Museum

Jelly Belly Museum

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