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My totally teal kitchen.

My totally teal kitchen.

From aqua colored kitchen accessories to turquoise kitchen accents, my kitchen is totally teal...

Whenever anyone compliments my interior design abilities, I tell them my secret: if you just buy everything in the same color your decor will always match. OK, so there’s probably a line that you can cross in going from just enough of a single color to look put together to swimming in an over-the-top monochrome jungle. My teal kitchen might just be tiptoeing that line.

My totally teal kitchen filled with teal kitchen accessories.

I didn’t really mean for my kitchen to become an explosion of all things teal (and aqua and powder blue and turquoise). Although OK maybe I did. I mean, have you seen my couch? I just can’t help myself. If I go to a store and see teal kitchen utensils or an aqua colander or a turquoise trash can or powder blue coffee maker, it has to be mine.

It. has. to. be. mine.

Hello, my name is Valerie, and I’m a teal-blue-aholic.

It’s not my fault, though, teal kitchen decor is actually pretty popular and so teal/aqua blue is actually a pretty common color for kitchenware. You can find teal kitchen accessories and turquoise kitchen accents everywhere nowadays. So why should I choose boring black spatulas or weary white kitchen canisters when I can have everything in teal, turquoise, powder blue, and aqua? When I can have an explosion of brightly-colored turquoise kitchen décor?

My teal blue kitchen obsession started innocently enough with a handful of teal kitchen accessories and teal cooking utensils: a teal spatula, a teal silicone spoon, a Martha Stewart teal egg slicer. (I thoroughly admit, though, that I don’t need nor have ever used the egg slicer…)

It moved into larger turquoise kitchen accessories: a teal colander, a teal mixing bowl, an aqua-colored utensil crock shaped like an owl.

And then it moved into teal kitchen appliances: a teal coffee maker, a powder blue blender, an aqua KitchenAid mixer.

And then it moved into bigger teal kitchen stuff: a teal kitchen storage shelf, a teal utility cart.

I can’t be stopped.

Lets all just be thankful I live in a rental or else I’d probably have a Smeg teal oven and refrigerator too…


My totally teal kitchen:


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Do you have a single color you gravitate towards when decorating?

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