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Too Much Eating

Summertime is approaching! Time to overplan the heck out of my schedule! Here are some upcoming eating contests at a driving distance from Chicago, road trip(s) anyone?

Dippin’ Dots Eating Championship
May 2 in Metropolis, IL
Normally I would be all about this…especially since Metropolis, IL is the home of Superman, But I would literally somehow have to drive 7 hours there and 7 hours back* and still be late for Meredith’s birthday party…

Calamari Eating Contest
May 30 in Southgate, MI
Eating contest AND World Record Attempt!

Pork Rind Eating Contest
June 13 in Harrod, Ohio
A whole fest devoted to pork rinds AND an eating contest! Plus we could run a pork rind 5K!
*I find it quite funny that the contests in Ohio and Michigan are both way closer to Chicago than the one in Illinois!

And other things I look forward to…
Sox game anyone?
Eating a Krispy Kreme Hamburger!
Baseball game in Minneapolis!
Outdoor Film Festival


Bordain ate this sandwich in Chicago called the “Three Little Pigs” – Pork, bacon, and ham. I want to get one but only as a two little pigs, as I don’t like ham. But it still looks so yummy.


When I am sick I apparently eat nonstop.


This is pretty neat: every tweet is a complete recipe in under 140 characters.

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    April 23, 2009at3:22 pm

    Dear God.

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