Bridesmaids in purple wigs.

Tonight I Rehearsed How to Eat (A Rehearsal Dinner)

Rehearsal Dinner for Jenny and Adam's Wedding

One of my best friends in the whole world is getting married tomorrow!

Jenny and Adam at their rehearsal dinner

I have been friends with Jenny since the third grade when we met and bonded over dancing and All My Children. And tomorrow our Jenny is marrying a wonderful guy and great friend who she has been dating for the last eight years. Insert tear.

Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. I get to walk down the aisle first and screw everything up. Yayme. Its weird because even though I am a bridesmaid I get to sit through a lot of it because there is a mass and such. Plus we all stand really far apart. I guess I always think of all the bridesmaids standing close to one another and standing the whole time (although I am kind of glad because my feet would kill me if I didn’t). Basically I stand when the priest says to stand, sit when the priest says to sit, and stand when the priest says to kneel. Whatever.

After we practiced the priest gave a speech about how there is no food or drink allowed. Damn, there goes my plan for hiding a big mac in my bouquet. Drats. I decided to sew a pocket on one side of my dress for the hamburger, the other side for the fries, and build one of those hydration system things they sell for backpackers into the bouquet. Hmm, I should market this…

After the rehearsal it was off to the rehearsal dinner, which is where you go to practice eating.

Now, for months and months and months I have been joking with Jenny that (since I dye my hair all the time and every color of the rainbow) I was going to dye it purple to match our dresses for the wedding. So, once we got to the rehearsal, all us bridesmaids snuck away and put on these:

bridesmaids in purple wigs


Hehehe. See, dye-to-match hair!!!

The rehearsal was fun. Good food (pizza, pasta, salad, and cookies) and a bartender who somehow decided that amaretto sours go in a blender. I got to know Tim (the only person in the wedding party, minus the flower girl, who didn’t go to high school with us) and caught up some with Stefan (who will be escorting me down the aisle tomorrow).

Then they gave out some gifts. The guys got beer mugs and shot glasses that had their names, groomsman, and bros for life engraved on them and all us gals got a little purple play purse with lots of Claire’s goodness, a silver heart-shaped box engraved with our name, bridesmaid, and friends forever, and a gorgeous necklace to wear tomorrow. It’s all really cute.

It was a really happy night, it’s good to see that Jen isn’t too stressed or anything, she’s just really happy and that makes me really happy.

More photos from the rehearsal dinner:

groomsmen in purple wigs

the wedding party

the bridesmaids

groomsmen taking shots

the bride and groom in purple wigs

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