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Tikal, Guatemala


Photos from Tikal National Park, Guatemala.

I spent an afternoon in Guatemala exploring the Mayan ruins of Tikal. There were several options for getting there but I chose an afternoon sunset tour. The sunrise tour sounded interesting, seeing the ruins in a mist, hearing the jungle wake up. But personally I couldn’t be bothered to wake up early for it. So a sunset seemed good enough for me.

You may recognize the landscape of Tikal from a little-known independent film called Star Wars. I wouldn’t though because I’ve only seen the movie once.

(True story: the only time I saw the first three Star Wars movies all the way through was when they re-released them in theaters when I was in high school. I managed to see Episode 1 four times in theaters though because my boyfriend at the time was obsessed with it. We saw it on our first date. I fell asleep. He still dated me after that. I have yet to ever see Episode 3.)

Our tour guide led us around the ruins, bipassing signs that said “Do Not Enter” and “do not climb” to watch the sunset. Two lovely Australian guys helped me to the final climb. And none of them tried to grope me while doing so.

There is good in the world, people. There is good in this world.

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  • Gina
    May 15, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    Looks amazing! I have my heart set on South America next. I hope to be there by October.

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