Pancake Flight at Orange

This should keep you occupied at work…

1. I am so behind in the blogging thing. What has happened to me?

2. The day after Jen and Andrew’s Wedding we went to Dos Reales for lunch. I got enchiladas…they would have been more super delicious if they were not covered in lettuce that I had to pick off.

Enchiladas Mexicanas

3. I got a new Blackberry. I like it because I never use the phone for a phone because I hate talking on the phone. I can use this one for internet and texting. I don’t like it because it likes to call people from my pocket and send Mat 20 blank text messages in a row…

My Blackberry phone

4. I’ve been doing a meal planning chain lately in the hopes of not wasting food: I made a hamburger and had to get 8 buns so I made pulled turkey to take up the rest of the buns. Then I had extra bbq sauce so I made bbq meatballs. Then I had extra ground beef so I made pasta with meat sauce. I think I am caught up now.

5. For the record: Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit is the hardest game ever. Ever. You might think “Oh, I love the 80s! I would do so good at that game!” Well. You would be wrong. In two hours of playing Mat and I got maybe eight questions correct the entire time. I got two in a row where the answer was He-Man. Every other question was about Reagan. And between the two of us I don’t think there was any way we could have gotten any sports questions right.

6. Monday night I went to see The Armando Diaz at IO. It was awesome. Basically one person gives a monologue and then everyone else then performs improv based around his monologues, but they aren’t literal interpretations. Mat and his partner got way more of the connections than I ever could.

7. I said partner above. Mat is not gay although he plays a lot of gay people and doesn’t like sports and likes theater and I like to joke with him that he is. I meant improv partner from his class.

8. Speaking of Mat, check out his new web series that will be launching soon…

9. Friday night I met with Chelsa and we went to Hydrate to see Annee Pocalypse. I never thought I would see a version of the musical Annie set in a whorehouse with zombies… Hydrate was playing a whole mix of 70s/80s/90s TV theme songs before the show. That was pretty awesome. I am going to open a bar that only plays TV theme songs.

10. Places I want to get married, if I ever get married (and, you know, have money!) in no particular order:

Architectural Artifacts

New Leaf

Byron Colby Barn

11. Sunday I went to brunch with Nadia and Jenny and Josh and Adam and Jennifer. We went to Orange and I got a pancake flight of awesomeness! And frushi.

Orange pancake flight

Pancake Flight at Orange

Fushi - fruit sushi - at orange

12. I need to become a good enough wedding photographer so that people will want to fly me around the world.

13. July 5, 2011. Counting the days…

14. My mom emailed me to ask what “Java automatic update” means because it is flashing at the bottom of her computer. I told her not to click it because if she does the computer will explode.

15. This is a picture of Bo in the part of my Halloween costume I bought that I probably will not wear:

Bo in a bow

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  • Shannalee
    October 28, 2009at12:50 pm

    Been wanting to go to Orange for SO LONG – that pancake flight looks awesome.

  • val
    October 28, 2009at10:51 pm

    I love Orange! Orange on Roscoe is only a few blocks away from me!

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