Things you should probably buy for me.

Things you should probably buy for me.

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Thanksgiving is over so can we talk about Christmas? And, more importantly, Christmas shopping? And, more importantly, my Christmas wish list?

You see, Christmas is next month and that just means my birthday is the month after that. I honestly kind of hate having a birthday so close to Christmas because I get all my presents at once and then have to wait a year for anyone to gift me anything again.

Oh whoa is me.

Of course, at the moment, I’m broke as and so all I actually asked for for Christmas and my birthday was cash (so I can pay off my credit card) and gift certificates to Old Town School of Folk Music (so I can continue my guitar lessons). But that doesn’t mean I don’t still spend all my free time online window shopping.

I am a girl, sometimes, after all.

So, anyways. Here is a massive list of things you should probably buy for me. Or for your best friend who is totally as awesome as me. Or for your girlfriend who is probably not as awesome as me. Or for yourself. Because you totally deserve something nice.

Really, it’s just a bunch of stuff I like from like the four stores I look at online. Deal. It’s my blog and I can post what I want to… right?



Things you should probably buy for me. West Elm Marled Basketweave Throw, Sydney Hale Bourbon and Brown Sugar Candle, Martin Dreadnought Guitar, Anthropologie Crinkled Velvet Tunic, Free People Glitter Bomb Stud Set, Customizable Heartbeats Necklace, Ballerina Pink Tieks, Lush BIG Shampoo, Twisted Tear Drop Necklace, Moon Phase Necklace, North Star Tote, Lush Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint, Baya Lumbar Pillow, The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them, Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later, Sing Street.

Marled Basketweave Throw. The thing I like most in life is to be comfy. And there’s something about a chunky knit throw that just seems so comfy. Right? I should probably want this in blue so it matches anything in my apartment. But the pink and gray is too nice. Maybe I should redo my bedroom in pink… Or maybe I can take my newfound knitting skills and make something like this? I think that is past level one.

Sydney Hale Bourbon and Brown Sugar Candle. I’ve made it my new mission to just cover my entire coffee table in candles. I’m about a fourth of the way there. Of course, when that happens I’ll have to actually eat at my dining table so maybe I should have thought this plan through. Anyways. Candles. And I mean, who wouldn’t want their apartment to smell like bourbon and brown sugar? Also acceptable, fig. Because obviously.

Martin Dreadnought. I eventually am going to need a new guitar (the one I have now I inherited from my sister over ten years ago and it’s not in the best shape). A Martin might be out of the league of a girl who can only so far strum a few chords. But it’s so pretty… (And this is like the cheapest of the Martins…)

Crinkled Velvet Tunic. Pretty much my favorite outfit combo is leggings, boots, and a tunic. This would be my fancy tunic. Isn’t it fancy?

Glitter Bomb Stud Set. I don’t actually wear earrings all that much. But I always want earrings. Maybe I should just wear earrings more often? Anyways. I basically will want anything if it is pink and sparkly. Anything.

Customizable Heartbeats Necklace. One of my favorite things are ironic messages on heart necklaces. I actually own a heart-shaped locket that says “Fuck Off” which pretty much explains all you need to know about me. I feel like a customizable heart necklace would be the perfect place for my actual favorite Sylvia Plath quote, “Neurotic as Hell.”

Ballerina Pink Tieks. I had a black pair of Tieks that I wore so much they disintegrated (to no fault of the company, nothing could withstand what I put shoes through). I need a new black pair. But I also kind of really want a pair in ballerina pink because I have this idea in my head that my wardrobe should more closely resemble that of a ballerina. And every ballerina needs ballet-pink ballet flats.

Lush BIG Shampoo. I never love my hair more than after I swim in the ocean. It gets thick and wavy from the sea salt and I never want to shower again. So I always think of getting the sea salt shampoo from Lush. Because then I could just shower with sea salt. And then I should probably douse it with some sea spray for good measure.

Twisted Tear Drop Necklace. I bought a recycled guitar string bracelet from ReStung Jewelry at the Frenchmen Market in New Orleans. But I also kind of coveted this necklace. But I cohad spent way too much on the vacation already and couldn’t afford it. But I probably need a guitar-string necklace. Because, you know, now that I can play a few chords, guitar is pretty much my life.

Moon Phase Necklace. Speaking of necklaces, this phases of the moon necklace is pretty sweet.

North Star Tote. I totes need a tote. A big one to keep all the crap I carry around with me for no reason.

Lush Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint. Because lip tint.

Baya Lumbar Pillow. There’s a store near me that sells these pillows and I always think a long-pink printed pillow like this would look so good on my teal couch. Don’t you think?

Felt Owl Pillow. My couch could also use an owl pillow. Just sayin.

The Laws of Cooking: And How to Break Them. I kind of fell in love with Justin Warner when he was on Food Network Star. He’s my favorite contestant ever and maybe one of my favorite people ever on the station. I really want his book.

Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later. My “I lit this candle so can we make out?” candle that sadly is still collecting dust was designed by Adam J. Kurtz (ADAMJK). Maybe I would actually be able to use his interactive journal? Maybe?

Sing Street and Once. I watched Sing Street on my last plane ride and instantly fell in love. It’s a great story of rebellion, love, and music. I’m still singing all the songs all the time. Plus, it’s written and directed by the same guy who wrote and directed Once. Which I’m also in love with. If I owned these movies I probably would watch nothing else for like three months.



Things you should probably buy for me. Free People Long Sleeve Swing Dress, Banjo, Fujifilm X-A2, Julep nail polish, Lovecats Ring, Fitbit Alta in pink and gold, Rifle Paper Company 2017 Blush Agenda, Salsa shoes, Crosley Embossed Record Player, Iron & Wine, Father John Misty, and The Tallest Man on Earth.

Long Sleeve Swing Dress. I just need a closet full of pretty swingy dresses. OK?

Banjo. This is probably a shitty banjo. I have no idea. But I really kind of want to learn to play the banjo. And if I learn to play banjo I’m going to need a banjo to play. Logic.

Fujifilm X-A2. I also can’t vouch for this camera. There are probably better cameras? I have no idea. But I would love to switch from my heavy bulky DSLR to a lighter mirrorless camera one of these days. I just liked the brown casing… Not a reason to buy something, Val. Not. A. Reason.

Julep nail polish in Geena, Juliana, Twiggy, and Caitlin. I pretty much just need all the nailpolish in all the shades of pink.

Lovecats Ring. Because cat lady.

Fitbit Alta in pink and gold. I was totally obsessed with my Fitbit for a while but now I am totally unobsessed. I think part of the reason was that it was just ugly. Maybe I need a prettier Fitbit? You can’t go wrong with pink and gold…

Rifle Paper Company 2017 Blush Agenda. I am a to-do list queen. I am always making to do lists and deadlines and calendars for myself. I probably should have an agenda to better keep track of it all. Actually I probably should have three (work, personal, blog).

Salsa shoes. I recently bought myself a nice pair of black salsa shoes. But pink sparkly ones would be nice too…

Crosley Embossed Record Player. Sometimes I pop into my local record store and flip through the records. And then I think, maybe I should get a record player? And then I think, I totally need a cute boho record player to match my apartment’s vibe… Obviously.

Iron & Wine, Father John Misty, and The Tallest Man on Earth. Of course, if I was going to get a record player I would need records. These are my latest music obsessions.



Things you should probably buy for me. Groceries & Shit Tote Bag, Ukelele, Lauzet T-Shirt Dress, Fucking Brilliant and I’m Over It Notebooks, Glitter globe frame, Rifle Paper Company iPhone Case, Hot Dudes and The Beard Coloring Books, Illustrated Elements of Style and The Virgin Suicides.

Groceries & Shit Tote Bag. Because I always need bags for my groceries. And shit.

Ukelele. I should probably learn ukelele too.

Lauzet T-Shirt Dress. All. the. dresses.

Fucking Brilliant and I’m Over It Notebooks. I am obsessed with notebooks. Mostly because I am constantly writing notes, making to-do lists, and writing down ideas for blog posts. I especially love ones with motivational (or demotivational…) phrases like these.

Glitter globe frame. Sparkles! Pink! And does it come with the cat photo…?

Rifle Paper Company iPhone Case. I always love having a pretty, flowery, case for my phone. Of course, I could totally also use a new iPhone 7 too..

Hot Dudes and The Beard Coloring Books. Because. Um. Yes. And then you should also probably buy me glitter crayons so I can make glitter beards. Just sayin.

Illustrated Elements of Style and The Virgin Suicides. Everyone should have the prettiest versions of the books they love.



Things you should probably buy for me. Free People Sienna Dance Dress, Harmonica, Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze Perfume, Pink Hair Dye, EST WST KTM Valley Rucksack, Galaxy Clips String Lights, Uniqlo Fleece-Lined Hoodie, Kate Spade Simply Sparkling Business Card Holder, Luckies of London Travel-Sized Scratch Map, The Best American Travel Writing 2016, In the Company of Women, Big Magic, and Anna Kendrick Scrappy Little Nobody.

Sienna Dance Dress. Remember how I said I wanted to start dressing like a ballerina…?

Harmonica. I totally want to take a harmonica class. Mostly because, unlike any of the other instruments, a harmonica would fit in my purse.

Imaginary Authors Yesterday Haze Perfume. I saw these at a craft fair this summer and this one smelled really nice. Plus part of the scent is fig so…

Pink Hair Dye. Because I just keep thinking about dying my hair pink again.

EST WST KTM Valley Rucksack. My only backpack is huge and I need something a little more compact and a little more stylish for day-to-day life that often involves notebooks, a laptop, and a pair of salsa shoes.

Galaxy Clips String Lights. There’s a wall in my bedroom that I really need to decorate. String lights that I could hang photos from seem like the perfect compromise of having it all.

Uniqlo Fleece-Lined Hoodie. I bought a hoodie from Uniqlo in Thailand and I now pretty much live in it. I almost bought the fleece-lined one there but it seemed a bit overkill for the muggy heat. But now in the Chicago winter I could totally use an extra warm hoodie.

Kate Spade Simply Sparkling Business Card Holder. I often find myself in situations where I am collecting a lot of business cards. Sometimes it’s a conference where I meet a ton of marketers or bloggers. Sometimes it’s a craft fair where I want to keep track of all the places I love but can’t afford at the moment. In either case I collect a lot of cards and throw them into my purse in an unorganized mess. I need a business card holder to keep them in one place. And probably one for my own cards too…

Luckies of London Travel-Sized Scratch Map. I have a full-sized scratch map on my wall where I scratch out all the countries I’ve traveled to. I always joke that I need a second one to keep track of all my “flags”…

The Best American Travel Writing 2016, In the Company of Women, Big Magic, and Anna Kendrick Scrappy Little Nobody. Books, books, books. All of which I think would be inspiring whether for travel writing, business, or life…

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So... what are you going to buy for me???

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