Cicada Photos - 17 year Cicadas in Brookfield, Illinois in 2007.

They’re he-ere… 17-year cicadas are back.

The 17-year cicadas are back!

Cicada Photos - 17 year Cicadas in Brookfield, Illinois in 2007.

Am I the only crazy daisy who is thrilled?!?! I have been waiting SEVENTEEN YEARS for these cicadas to re-emerge! The last time they were here I was a child in grade school and remember the cicada shells all over the playground and park and that low screeching sound that permeated the air all summer.

For the next month or so, when the cicadas take over the world, I will be following them around Brookfield with my camera, snapping away.

So far, I’ve only seen a few of the little bugs (and a few of their empty shells), but soon there will literally be MILLIONS. They pop up from the middle of the earth, shed their skin, mate, cast off the highest pitch noise you’ll ever hear from a bugger, then disappear back into the ground or another 17 years.


Soon everything is going to look and sound like death, and I’m ready and waiting…

More photos of the 17-year cicadas:

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  • Sid
    May 22, 2007at9:23 pm

    god I hope walter looks at all those pics

  • kt
    May 23, 2007at6:50 am

    i hate those ugly things ewww!
    My dad found one with Blue eyes last time they were out here in VA. Those are rare! hehe

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