Ticketing Holiday Party

These boots were not made for walking.

A random week in my life.

This is where I work. And this totally happens every day…


Monday I made Mat come over and get a Groupon dinner with me at Volo. We got wine flights and a cheese plate and a lamb pot pie and it was all delicious. Well, all except the blue cheese because I really don’t like blue cheese. I try though because I feel like I wish I did like it.


On Tuesday I went to a Meet Plan Go meet up at Uncommon Ground. I had a couple of glasses of wine and some great conversations with some amazing travelers (like Sherry, Lisa, and Katie). Although every time I meet up with people with amazing travel experience and amazing plans it gets my mind churning on where else I can push myself to go


Note to self: 2 glasses of wine on an empty stomach is not a good idea.


Wednesday night I took Heather to see The Mikado at Lyric. I didn’t get to see the dress rehearsal so I was really looking forward to it. It was a fun show and I think my favorite part was when they used the little list of offenders (a song typically modified by production) to poke fun at the fact that people complain about the opera company showing operettas and using the supertitles to advertise upcoming “real operas.”


Thursday was a crazy day at work. Crazy. I got to my desk at about 8:45am and didn’t really leave it until 7pm. The ticketing department was having their holiday pot-luck party so I crashed it and grabbed some delicious lunch. Not that I don’t crash it every year, but I felt bad to just steal food and run.

ticketing holiday party

ticketing holiday party

At 7ish when we all got off some of us went out to grab some drinks and decompress. It was much needed. And afterwards I went over to Mat’s and he bought me dinner and we drank cocoa and watched a movie. And by that I meant I drank cocoa and he had a beer and he watched a movie and I fell asleep.


Note to self: 2 bottles of hard cider and a shot of bourbon on an empty stomach is not a good idea.


Friday night I decompressed on my couch with Thai food and a DVR full of reality and other TV from the week. Random thought #1: why was the Jewish girl on Glee singing Christmas carols the whole episode? Random thought #2: A guy singing “Just the Way You Are” sounds sweet and romantic. A girl singing it just sounds desperate.


This deserves its own number. It was probably one of my favorite Glee performances ever.


I almost poured Parmesan cheese into the coffee maker the other day.

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