Heather's birthday bar crawl at Zakopane, Happy Village, and Innertown Pub

There’s no crying in smorgasbord

Heather's birthday bar crawl at Zakopane, Happy Village, and Innertown Pub.

Last Saturday was Heather’s birthday.

We ate tacos in the cab on the way to the bar.

The first stop was Zakopane, a dive Polish bar that, when we arrived at 9:30 on a Saturday night, had no one in it but the bartender. The drinks were cheap and mostly alcohol with a splash of mixer. When Heather went outside for a few minutes it was just me alone at the bar and the bartender tending her phone. The juke box came on at full blast behind me and I jumped.

Emily plays the jukebox at Zakopane

Finally more people came and we deliberately played the jukebox. And we deliberately drank more drinks.

Alyssa points to the Zakopane sign.

Mat and Heather dance at Zakopane

And then we headed on to Happy Village where no one could work the ATM machine and where the bar was decorated for Valentines Day even though it wasn’t even February yet and where the drinks may have somehow tasted even stronger than at Zakopane.

Heather at Happy Village

Me, Heather, and Alyssa at Happy Village

Our next stop was Innertown Pub, where we played Silver Strike and picked songs on the juke box and drank until they kicked us out.

48 star flag at Innertown Pub

Heather's birthday bar crawl at Innertown Pub in Chicago.

Heather plays Silver Strike bowling at Innertown Pub

Heather and Adam at Innertown Pub

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