The sky was blue.

There are no pink chickens?

1. Thursday night Mat came over. I made a pizza because I had leftover cheese and sauce. Then I realized I also had onion and garlic so I made a caramelized onion and garlic pizza. Delicious.

caramelized onion pizza

We watched Atonement. How the heck was that an Oscar-nominated movie? It was awful! At first it was interesting, I really did love the first half hour or so, but then it just kept getting worse and worse. Awful. And (spoiler) I hate movies that just kind of end with someone wrapping everything up for you. And this was the worst because they not only did that but they did that by fast forwarding about 40 years. It was awful. I’ll give them that the cinematography was good. Oh, and they could have had a little more faith in the audience to have us believe that the three people playing that chick through the years was the same person and still have given her a different haircut.

Then we went and got a drink.

(213) what am I missing?
(708) milkshakes with a hot girl.
(213) oh who is with you?
(708) 🙁

(708) well I am now watching a movie with a really cute guy.
(213) the cat?
(708) …maybe…

3. The sky was blue.

The sky was blue

4. The bad thing about walking half a mile to Trader Joe’s is that I can’t possibly carry back everything I need let alone want.

5. The good thing about hosting 24 every 5 weeks is that it forces me to clean out the leftovers from the last time I hosted every 5 weeks.

6. Idol is just bad this year. Bad bad bad. As much as I didn’t like Adam Lambert at least he pushed it every week and did something crazy. These people are all too predictable and boring. I miss the people like Daughtry who took chances and made the songs “their own.” Here’s where we stand…I think I can still win if Casey James somehow wins…

Rank   Val   Eric   Sue
1   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze   Lee Dewyze
2   Crystal Bowersox   Crystal Bowersox   Siobhan Magnus
3   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche   Crystal Bowersox
4   Casey James   Siobhan Magnus   Michael Lynche
5   Didi Benami   Didi Benami   Casey James
6   Andrew Garcia   Casey James   Aaron Kelly
7   Michael Lynche   Andrew Garcia   Didi Benami
8   Tim Urban   Tim Urban   Katie Stevens
9   Katie Stevens   Katie Stevens   Tim Urban
10   Aaron Kelly   Aaron Kelly   Andrew Garcia
11   Paige Miles   Paige Miles   Paige Miles
12   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown   Lacey Brown

PINK = still in it
DARK PINK = kicked out
ORANGE = third place
YELLOW = second place
GREEN = first place

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