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The Valerie history of concert going.

This is a list of just about every concert I’ve ever gone to. It is probably pretty much an exhaustive list minus local small shows and such. I’m not very versed in music. I love concerts but I never plan outings and no one ever invites me. So it’s pretty pathetic. But, with a whole weekend of Lollapalooza coming up, I was inspired to compile this…

Janet Jackson
July 13, 1994

My first concert was Janet Jackson’s Janet tour. I liked Janet Jackson back then because we danced a lot to her in dance classes. I was supposed to go with a friend, but she had to cancel and not go because her parents said she was “too suggestive.”

Janet Jackson concert ticket


September 26, 1997

I went with my sister because she needed someone to go with. We were right up against the stage at the Aragon. I had eye contact with the bass player or guitar player or something.

Morrisey concert ticket


Whatever Q101 (I think)’s Music Thing was Called
Some time in high school

I just remember that I went to this but don’t remember who played or when. I remember getting food at some place and Sera squishing a pigs in a blanket on Jacqui’s car window.


Tori Amos
Some time in high school

I still remember the beginning to the song I composed while waiting for this to start. Oh Heindrick oh Heindrick can you spare a dime…Ask me to sing it for you.


Some time in high school

It was Michael Stipes’ moms birthday, so he called her and had everyone sing happy birthday.


Teen Idols Tour with Peter Noone, Davy Jones, and Bobby Sherman
August 15, 1998

Mickey Dolenz is the cutest Monkee ever. But Davey Jones would have to do. I saw my first shooting star that night.

Teen Idols Tour with Peter Noone, Davy Jones, and Bobby Sherman


Lilith Fair

What do I remember the most? The fact that they wouldn’t let the women use the mens bathrooms (even though it was 99% women at the fest…the other 1% did in fact include my boyfriend).


Bob Dylan
October 27, 1999

Went with Josh at Assembly Hall.

Bob Dylan concert ticket


Eve 6
March 4, 2001

I want to say that for some reason I bought Hood’s ticket to this and he paid me back with cash wrapped in a piece of paper stapled together with a bazillion staples. That could have been for something else though. I may have still been slightly afraid of him at that point.

Eve 6 Concert Tickets


Blink 182
July 7, 2001

You know you’re too old for something when you’re surrounded by little girls with the band members names in facepaint.

Blink 182 Concert Ticket


Matchbox Twenty
August 3, 2001

Was this the concert where JoeJoe’s car broke down in the parking lot? And Joe either saw a naked man or two teddy bears in a car? And we went to Denny’s and Glen ordered two meals? It was either this one or the next one…

Matchbox Twenty concert ticket


Barenaked Ladies
August 24, 2001

I didn’t even remember that I saw them, but apparently I did. This may have contained the incidents I described above.

Barenaked Ladies Concert Ticket



The one guy in the band was friends with my best friend’s sister. So we saw them a couple of times. Nad came down for one show at the Canopy Club. It was just before I started dating Hood and I had her check him out. Phil, the guy we knew, is now in Treaty of Paris.


They Might Be Giants
October 18, 2001

I saw They Might Be Giants Live?!?! That’s news to me.

They Might Be Giants Concert Tickets


Vans Warped Tour
July 27, 2002

My best friend got engaged here on stage with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Vans Warped Tourg


Indigo Girls
2002 or 2003

They played at Krannert Center so I scored free seats by ushering! We had a round table discussion with them beforehand and they kind of pissed me off…but that’s just because I am the anti-feminist/anti-protesting/anti-whatever type.


Barenaked Ladies and Alanis Morrisette
July 21, 2004

I remember seeing them this time. My new boss had a ticket she wasn’t using and gave it to me. Score.


Plain White T’s
July 26, 2007

We were going to see them at the county fair…but then their dumbass opening band broke everything and they were 2 hours late going on. We ditched out and went to see the premiere of the Simpsons movie instead.


Flogging Molly
February 16, 2008

Awesome concert, awesome friends. The opening band had a chick on a washboard.

Flogging Molly concert ticket

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  • Sid
    July 31, 2008at1:15 am

    I was there for the TMBG concert at canopy. twas excellent

  • val
    July 31, 2008at7:14 am

    Who else was there? I remember nothing about this concert.

  • Rob
    July 31, 2008at8:20 am

    I think you were at Jamboree 98 with us… I seem to remember bumping into you guys on our way to see They Might Be giants. Or something like that.

  • val
    July 31, 2008at8:33 am

    Jamboree! That was the name of the Q101thingy!

  • Sid
    July 31, 2008at8:59 am

    you know, i’d completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it here…so i’m really not sure. I think Lindsay was there, and I thought Rob for a second but maybe that’s why he thought he bumped into us. You were probably dating Hood at the time so maybe he was there too?

  • val
    July 31, 2008at3:34 pm

    oh! i went to some concert with Jack and Carolyn…maybe doug too? at canopy. I “moshed” with Jack (it included swaying really slow and bumping into him) and I swear it was Doug noticed that when I walked I was walking exactly the path behind him and moving the the side when he did…
    There was also the Tossers in the courtyard cafe the one time I hung out with Mike on campus when Charlie came to visit.

  • Heather
    August 1, 2008at9:38 am

    I almost went to TMBG, but I had just started dating John and I accidently agreed to a date with another guy. So I played sick and gave the ticket to my roommate. Who was happy to attempt to get it on with my leftovers at any given moment. The guy was a little pissed.

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