The night before Joe and Alina's wedding at Fiddler's Hearth in South Bend, Indiana.

The night before.

After work on Friday I met up with Emily and Julie downtown and we headed off to South Bend, Indiana for Joe and Alina’s wedding. Of course, not before having to scrape massive amounts of snow from Emily’s car. By massive amounts I mean massive amounts (seriously, it was falling into the windshield the whole way to Indiana and we were still finding snow when we left on Sunday). Soon enough though we were on the road with only a slight detour to a cemetery instead of the hotel (damn Gertrude finding Josephs Lane and not St. Joseph Street).

We checked into the Marriott, dropped off our stuff then headed across the street to Fiddler’s Hearth (Fisherman’s Wharf) where everyone else already was. Joe and his family were there along with most of the groomsmen and some others. Alina was out elsewhere with her bridal party, giving me the perfect opportunity to try one last effort to steal away JoeJoe. Alas, he was dead set on marrying Alina and so even the roofie I slipped into his drink didn’t work (just kidding…of course…I swear…)

The night before Joe and Alina's wedding at Fiddler's Hearth in South Bend, Indiana.

It was a good night out of drinking with friends and listening to Irish music and drinking beer mixed with cider and berryjuice and celebrating Joe’s last night of freedom. Alina and her crew finally came and joined us and she was just glowing and happy and excited.

We made JoeJoe take a shot like thing (I forget what those drinks are called that you drop something into something and it tastes like chocolate milk.) MK had a raspy voice but it sounded sick raspy and not sexy raspy and he wouldn’t believe me. I met up with Josh (there are now way too many Joshes in this journal) and Angie who I have not seen since their wedding five or so years ago). There was an Irish band and Irish dancers. And Mr. Meier picked up the tab…so there was much much fun to be had.

Joe and Alina called it a night and headed back to their rooms (sleeping in separate rooms, of course). And the rest of us stayed out at the bar until close. Back in the hotel Mrs. Meier was in the lobby handing out goody bags filled with water, tissues, and a yummy wedding-cake shaped cookie. Some of us headed to Sid and Sarah’s room to continue drinking random beers (citrus, chocolate, weird foreign whoknowsits) and watch TV. Including Groundhog Day which I have never seen before but was highly appropriate considering it was groundhogs day.

Finally, we all called it a night and awaited the morning where we would all gather to see whether JoeJoe would see his shadow…I mean, marry Alina.

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  • Sid
    February 4, 2008at1:48 pm

    the beer/shot thing is an irish carbomb. guiness and a shot of baileys

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