Hyder, Alaska Road Trip

The long road to Hyder, Alaska.

Our road trip from Seattle to Hyder, Alaska lasted three days. It was about 20 hours of driving. Each way. Which was a long journey to get to a town that, basically, held nothing.

But it was definitely worth it.

There really is nothing to do in Hyder, Alaska. There are bears. There’s a bar. There’s a post office.

But it’s one of those places that you go to just to say you went.

And you should totally go! Because it the long road to Hyder, Alaska, and what a long road it was, was pretty awesome.

It took us an entire day and some change to drive from Seattle to Hyder. As we got closer to our destination we stopped at a lot of road signs that pointed the way and we made a trip to a glacier and to Hyder’s sister city of Stewart, British Columbia for lunch and a peak at the Toaster Museum (which was unfortunately closed).

Ah well, next time


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