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The gay guys next door are shooting at each other.

Friday I had the day off so after waking up at 9am I finally got up and showered at noon. I considered calling the opera house to pretend to order tickets from someone I know who was working, just to play with them. But I didn’t. Instead I headed over to MK’s to see Sid because he was heading over there. We all watched an episode of Top Gear that I think I may have actually seen before. Sid and I came up with some brilliant ideas for what to do with their really deep crawl space in the basement. It’s between building a giant scale model of a town or turning it into one of those things where you shoot water into a clowns mouth to make plastic horses race.

Sid and Matt got slices of pizza, but I had already ate so I did not. It was OK though, I watched them because I “like to watch people eat.” I decided it was a contest. But it was kind of boring. Sid finished first though. Score one for India!

Here are some good quotes from the day:

Me to Matt: “I thought about you during the opera. Not the oral sex part, but the part where all their stocks crashed.”

Me on the idea of them turning the crawl space into a shooting range: “The neighbors are going to call the police and say ‘the gay guys next door are shooting at each other'”

What was funniest about that was that Sid and Sheilah heard me but I don’t think Matt or Ken did.

I am thinking of becoming a pescetarian. But I like bacon and hamburger a lot. And chicken. I was thinking of doing that for 2009. Or at least trying. I don’t know if I could make it.

Sometimes you wish you didn’t live in a land of make believe. That something was tangible and in your reach. Sometimes.

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